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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Dec 7, 2018.

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    I've been looking around at different booking agencies to book a trip for next spring and prices wildy vary. Does anyone have a preferred trusted website or agency to use for this? Does it really matter anymore so just go for the best hotels at the best price? Or just book directly with the airline and hotel because there's no real deal to be had with package booking?
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    I'd use Google Flights and Trip Advisor to look for flights. As for finding a place to stay, it depends on what you're looking for. Since Deez, Jr. came into the world, we've preferred to book apartments either through Airbnb or Before that, we used a lot of Rick Steves's recommendations, which usually involved booking directly with the hotel.

    Also, I'd wait until the protests die down before booking anything in Paris.
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    Thanks and good point! I was thinking about March of next year, but maybe I should think Italy instead. :smile1:
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    If the protests are going on into March, then France has a serious problem on its hands. Hard to imagine that. However, I prefer Italy anyway. Just my opinion.
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    I flew into Milan and went Venice down to Rome for work and it was pretty great. My wife has never been and was a history major but isn't sure about Italy. I told her just walking the streets of Rome there is some type of archaeology literally around every corner. Problem with Italy is all the flights are combo stops taking 17+ hours so almost 3 travel days combined. I'll keep looking.
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    Yeah, it's hard to get to Italy. When I went there from the US, I went from DFW to Chicago to Zurich to Venice. It was a fun trip but it was a pain in the *** to get there and back.
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    No special insight into booking the trip, but...

    When in London, for eats: the Whitechapel area (just a little ways East of the financial district/City of London) for fantastic Bangladeshi curries. Dozens upon dozens of such eateries, esp. on Brick Lane. IMHO the best tasting food in London.

    Also, some cool neighborhoods, pubs/music, and new developments just South of the River, from the flashy new stuff near Tower Bridge down to the Quays/old docksides and Rotherhithe/Canada Water area. This also happens to be the home turf of the Millwall football club and their fanatical following (their fans are known to be like the Cleveland Browns' dog-pound crowd, but can get much more violent).
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