Trip to Sedona and Zion

Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by mchammer, Mar 29, 2023.

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    So gorgeous
    Nature is magnificent
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    Unbelievable area.
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    I take a trip to some park somewhere just about every year. Last year it was a haul up to Glacier with just about everything in between. This year we want to do the grand canyon north rim, painted desert, zion, etc.

    Doing some research I have a question......where the heck do you stay? There doesn't seem to be many accommodations of any type in southern Utah/Colo/Ariz.
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    Unfortunately, I can't help with Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Zion. They are on my list. I can recommend Badlands in South Dakota. Sunlight interplay with the landscape is amazing. Crazy Horse Monument and Mount Rushmore are nearby.

    Love the pictures BTW.
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    Don’t know about N Rim but we were going to stay in Durango, Co. a few years back per recommendations on a Zion trip. Can’t do a review cause we both, wife and I got Covid and had to cancel. As far as I know about Monument Valley (beautiful area) there is just the one motel.
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    For Zion, check out Springhill Suites in Springdale, UT. Affordable in my opinion to be that close to the visitor center ($225 per night). For Grand Canyon south rim, you may want to stay in Williams and take the train to the canyon (avoid the 1 hour wait at the gate). For north rim, you can stay at Page, AZ. For Arches national park, you should stay in Moab, UT. Just check the park website in case a reservation is needed to visit (true for Arches).
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    Hotel in Springdale:


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