Tristan Stevens coming back

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Ut forever, Jul 15, 2021.

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    Tristan Stevens coming back for 2022 what a pitching staff we gonna have
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    FWHorn i knew somebody was gonna ask me to post a link.. The problem is i suck at technology… Kendall Rogers reporting it i believe off of a tweet by Tristan about a hr ago… The tweet said unfinished business in 2022.. Its good news for us baseball junkies
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    Wow! This is huge news!

    We may be able to keep Gordon in the bullpen after all.

    Possible starting rotation:

    Stewart??? (Maybe in relief his first year???)

    If Kubichek bolts for the small $ after being drafted in the 18th round, then either Gordon or Stewart might be the fourth starter. If both Witt and Gordon end up starting—now not so likely, then the relievers might be led by Nixon, Southard, Stewart (if he doesn’t start), …

    A strong staff for next year no matter how you slice it! I hope Kubichek sticks around, as he’s more likely to develop better next year in Austin than on the road in the minors sleeping at the roach motels and eating cold hot dogs. To my amateur eyes, it looked like mostly a control issue with Kubichek last year—too many walks. His breaking stuff does indeed break. If Kubichek develops further, or if Stewart shows up mowing people down, maybe Witt stays in the pen? That would make for a great pen.
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    And I hope Sean Allen sticks around for many, many years. What a pitching staff indeed!
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    Chop Kubichek was taken in the 18 th rd but i bet he signs… Just my opinion
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    That’s even lower than I recalled— I’ll fix that, thx. We’ll see if Kubichek stays or goes. I’m not sure how much signing bonus $$ an MLB team would fork over for an 18th rounder. I think he might improve his signing $$ substantially with another year or two in college working on his control.
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    With Stevens back I have to think Kubichek moves on as he will not be weekend starter and is unlikely even to be the regular weeknight starter as that will likely be Gordon. Stewart probably becomes long relief in place of Witt who moves to Sunday starter. This gives Stewart a year to acclimate to college pitching before he becomes a weekend starter in 2023. As we saw with Witt this year, that first year long relief/holder role will still mean a lot of action. With Nixon at closer this Texas staff will be stacked. :hookem:

    BON confirms

    Texas RHP Tristan Stevens announces return for 2022 season
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    There’s all sorts of possibilities. If we’re able to have Gordon as a reliever again (because we have 4 solid starters), that would make for a very deep and very good bullpen.

    I dunno, Gordon may be headed to the starting rotation like you project…? No idea whether Stewart starts or relieves as a Freshman, but he’s supposed to be real good. I think Southard is an up-and-rising guy in the pen. Watch for him next year. And, of course, Nixon may be the best closer in the college game next year. He was last seen doing reps of 10 at 450 LBs on the leg press.
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    I love this thread!
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    Re: Kubichek

    I really hope he doesn’t take this path, but portalling* to another major college team—one without a deep starting rotation—might be his best move if he can’t crack the starting 4 here. It beats a lowball $ signing bonus for an 18th round pick, and a one-way bus ticket to Peoria, Terre Haute, Rock Island, or some other such place. And the minor league diet of cold hot dogs. And no college degree. I think he could break into the top 3-4 here (heck, he’s been there already), but others don’t seem to think so.

    I hope he sticks it out and continues to improve under Sean Allen’s tutelage.


    *English gurus: might “portalling” be a legitimate verb now? Maybe not in the Queen’s English, but in American English in a sports context…
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    I never entertained the idea Kubichek might portal to another school…But that might be his best option… As crazy as it might seam there are big 12 schools who might welcome him with a promise that he could be in a week end rotation… (K st -OU heck Tech might even be interested considering they lost a ton of pitching to the mlb draft..
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  15. Chop

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    Tristan Stevens
    3.31 ERA (lower than Bednar's in the regular season)

    Smart, crafty pitcher, with great control.
    Has great chemistry with catcher Ardoin.
    Likes to paint the corners and often lives low in the zone, getting lots of ground outs.

    I bet his ERA next year is down in the 2's.

    Stevens + Hansen + Witt/Gordon/Kubichek/Stewart? will sweep more than a few series next year.

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    damn, i can't wait until next season now.
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    I think I’ve lost my marbles. For the first time ever, I’m hoping college football season hurries up and ends this year so we can get to college baseball season.
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    And here I thought I was the only one.
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    Add Melendez to the list of returners!!!:bevo:
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    I'm loving our pitching staff--it will be #1 in the country.
    Melendez's return is huge too.
    Just a little more from our bats, including some sort of meaningful contribution from our incoming bats, and we'll take it all. I'm talking National Championship.
  22. Chop

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    Looks like power-hitting infielder Gavin Kash went undrafted, so we'll get him, and he's real good.

    "As for possible instant-impact newcomers, Gavin Kash is a guy to follow closely. A physical hitter from the left side, Kash could compete to start immediately at first base and is one of the top hitters in the state."

    "Perhaps the best athlete in Texas, Ace Whitehead could push his way into the lineup somewhere, although that likely depends on how crowded the outfield is if Todd and/or Kennedy return."

    Orangebloods - The MLB Draft, 2022 Texas Baseball team, and much more

    Baseball announces 2021 signing class - University of Texas Athletics
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    Add Austin Todd to that list as well! :hookem:
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