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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by theiioftx, Nov 9, 2016.

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    Rick Perry just announced as Secretary of "Oops"! Anyone remember his infamous debate where he couldn't remember the 3rd agency he'd kill if here were POTUS? Well, he's been nominated for the Secretary of Energy, that same agency.
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    The entire world may tune in for his first official presser to see if he punts it

    "I am so happy to be here at the Department of ___________
    uh ______________
    ah ______________
    Little help Marco?"
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    More of the Kerry captures are floating around



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    Ben Carson, who was a surgeon, is HUD Secretary and not Surgeon General.

    Rick Perry, who was a cotton farmer and Texas Secretary of Agricultural, is Energy Secretary and not Federal Secretary of Agriculture.

    Rex Tillerson, who was the CEO of Exxon, is Secretary of State and not Energy.

    Was there some sort of "switcheroo!" game on the apprentice where contestants had to take jobs that were not their natural fit to see how they would perform?

    Is Trump just setting these people up so he can fire them later?

    "You know who is to blame for the war I started with China? Ben Carson. He has been doing a terrible job as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and is responsible for the trouble with China. He's fired! Problem solved. Vote for me this November and we will make America less radioactive again." -Trump in 2020
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    As if on cue CNN is pointing out the relative lack of diversity in Trump's cabinet. White males make up 31% of the population.

    The numbers so far:
    • 16 positions that require confirmation or voted on (VP): 11 white males, 2 females (1 Asian) and 1 AA with 2 appointments to go.
    • 10 White House key staff: 4 males, 2 females (1 Indian)
    Recognizing Trump supporters could care less but this administration so far is setting up to be the least diverse cabinet since GHWB. The race card is well overplayed but the optics aren't in Trump's favor, especially with the white supremacist wing of the alt-right so prevalent.
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    Who cares? Out of the several hundred hires over the years, I have almost never hired anyone based on race or sex. Simply the person I think will do the best job.

    I really don't care about race or gender at all except twice I hired females in a primarily male department just because I wanted to drop the testosterone level. Neither were less qualified than the others not hired.

    Trump should not be using race and/or gender as the #1 qualifier to pacify a bunch whiners.....he is hiring who he thinks will do the best job. Doubt he cares about whiner opinions anyway. They'll complain about anyone he hires.
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    That is true, no matter what the ratio.
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    (1) Trump meets with Kanye
    (2) Jim Brown falls in love with Trump
    (3) Bill Gates compares Trump to JFK for his ability to inspire

    But THE RUSSIANS!!!!
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    When we send our best basketball players to play the world, we pick players like Durrant, LeBron, Curry, Leonard, and many other black players. Do we not send our best so that we can get a few white players to represent? Trump is about winning so he's picking a great group to represent us. I have zero complaints about his choices.
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    That assumes there are no "best" from people of color. No wonder Ben Carson is a celebrity in conservative circles. He's special.
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    Ok, start naming the better candidates that are black that you'd put in the place of Trumps appointees?

    Because I'm not seeing any Larry Bird's on the court to play with Lebron and durrant.
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    I don't know how to respond. We should assume white men can't play basketball and African American's can't be CEOs?
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    The left would only be happy if Trump went to the James Watt playbook to select a Cabinet.

    It is ironic that they whine and snivel about the lack of diversity while at the same time frothing that no rational minority could ever have supported Trump. One can only imagine the howling that would follow if Trump tried to run some manner of Affirmative Action appointment system...
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    Now you see how I feel because I don't have a current Larry Bird to name for the court.

    White men can play basketball, just not as well as the black man. Not saying a black man wouldn't be a good appointee, but only that I can't think of any off the top of my head. Herman Cain is a very good business man, but not sure he is as qualified as the appointees that Trump has made for any particular spot. Let me know if you can think of any from the left.
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    I don't think the basketball analogy is a good one. I'm ill equipped to address it since I stopped following the NBA in 2008.

    Trump seems to have an affinity for business leaders. There are 5 current Fortune 500 CEO's that also happen to be African American. I don't know anything about these people. Did anyone know anything about Condoleeza Rice before she we brought into the Bush admin? She was a provost at Stanford when Bush added her to the fold.

    The point is, there is a bench of minority candidates available if one values that. Though I don't think minority status is the end-all-be-all for selection, it should be considered when putting together an administration that has vowed to represent all of of Americans.
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    Trump seems to have an affinity for very successful business leaders. Fixed!

    That's less than 1% CEO's that are black. I'm guessing that if the CEO's of fortune 500 companies were 99% black then trump would have basically all blacks as his appointees.

    I have to give it to Bush. I'd have gone after more proven people. She was a jewel and give Bush credit for a great pick.

    You don't look at color, you look at the best candidate. If they are black then so be it and good for them and us. If they are the best at what they do then that benefits America. If you or any libs are suggesting that Trump would not pick the best person because he is black then keep pushing that narrative as we keep winning elections. Results will be what gets votes, not propaganda.
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    Are you saying Bush picked her because she was black or a woman? How insulting.

    She was one of the country's foremost Russian foreign policy scholars/experts. She worked under Scrowcroft on the NSC. After Standford where she was "just" the freaking procost, she became national security advisor and then became Sec of State.

    That is a completely appropriate career trajectory.

    Are you a minority Husker? Because I am. I am very brown. And despite graduating with Honors in Economics from Texas, despite finishing at the top of my class at Navy OCS and intel school, and despite graduating with 5 distinctions at Yale a colleague told me I got where I am because of affirmative action.

    I didn't have to run 1 mile while others ran 1.5 in our PFT evaluation because I am brown, the correctly calculated black scholes price for an option was the same for me, a brown person, as it was for everyone else in b-school. And this f'in Hillary voter had the gall to say I'm only where I am because of affirmative action when he himself is absolutely helpless without me. Helpless in excel modeling, helpless in financial analysis, helpless in research and relationship management. He had the gall to tell this to me, a veteran that went to Iraq twice so his spoiled a$& could be comfortable here making a lot of money.

    This whining about diversity dilutes the accomplishments of minorities that earn their way. And that is 95% of minorities. I am so sick of this ******** white guilt RACIST patronizing. That's a ******* trigger for you.
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    I like this pick. Mulvaney's been a huge proponent of a balanced budget. His principles will be challenged "bigly" given Trump's tax cut, infrastructure and military spending proposals over the course of the campaign.
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    Everybody wants a balanced budget, everybody wants full employment, everybody wants to maintain or improve infrastructure, everybody wants lower taxes, everybody wants to maintain high defense spending levels, and everybody wants to maintain government services such as Medicare and Medicaid. And all of the above was promised. Can't happen.

    The tax breaks combined with infrastructure projects will create hundreds of billions more in annual deficits. Congress and Mulvaney will offer to offset revenue losses with budget cuts elsewhere. To accomplish this, Medicare has to be whacked big time or passed on to the States. The States can't afford this.

    The increased deficits will fuel higher interest rates in treasury bond yields. Higher interest rates reduce asset values (real estate) and slow borrowing which decreases growth. The remedy hear is a massive QE by the Federal Reserve. But how long can that work before reversing dollar strength and confidence in the system?

    Something must give. We'll have to wait and see what that is.
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    Mulvaney is one of the few true fiscal conservatives out there. It will be interesting to see how he fares against fake conservatives who want to cut taxes but lack the discipline to control spending first.
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    Mulvaney is already taking heat as pro-Amnesty
    But I dont see it matters in this position
    Anyone have a better take?
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    Just one day after my post above, the following showed up in my Facebook feed. I 100% agree with it.

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    I wonder how he would react to a $19+ trillion deficit?
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    Rand is Right.

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