Tudor Fieldhouse vs. Gregory Gym

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by giveemhell, Nov 30, 2009.

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    For those who attended the Rice game, how was the Tudor Fieldhouse? Capacity there is 5200, I would think every seat would be great. Gregory Gym's capacity is 4400. I wish we would double ticket prices and hold our first few games of the season there instead of the Erwin Mausoleum. Has there ever been any serious discussion of doing this?
  2. Utkclack15

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    Hook up Gregory: Check
    Demolish the Drum: Check
    Build cozy new arena on drum site: Check
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    Tudor is a great place to watch a game. Not a bad seat in the house. I sat right behind the Texas bench at the Rice game, but have been in a variety of seats in the past. It's such a small venue that you have a great view from anywhere.
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    Demolition isn't going to happen any time soon, especially with all of the renovations they made around the 2003 season.

    I could see a radical realignment of the interior in the future if we start losing more recruits and/or games. Get rid of the circular format of the interior and replace it with a tighter rectangle, creating more space in the concourses while losing a couple thousand seats. Not good for ticket sales, but wonderful from a fan perspective.
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    I love the idea of playing a few of our early season games in Gregory. We struggle to get 9,000 in the drum before January anyway. I believe the atmosphere would be electric and make for a much more exciting first few games. [​IMG]
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    Gosh, maybe 10+ years since last Autry Court visit. Though old, never understood the embarrassment of some over a facility proportionate to RU with great viewing. After $30M fix-up, pleased to report renamed Tudor FH refreshed, but same gym sans curtain.

    Agree Gregory would be great early on.
  8. Endust

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    I had a great time at Tudor. It would be great to have at least a few games in Gregory.
  9. UT1986

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    I was worried about having tickets behind the basket, but didn't want to spring for the primo seats being unemployed at the moment.

    We weren't disappointed at all. Nice to see close up view of dunks, blocked shots and low post mayhem going on with a view right above the rim!
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    I have a dream.

    I have a dream where basketball games are moved to the Gregory over the Christmas holidays. In this dream the ticket prices stay the same and if they must, assign seats to the high end people. It will be easy to tell when they are not there or leave early and anybody can then go sit there.

    They would make the same amount on concessions and probably sell more seats. It would be loud and fun for all except the visiting team.

    Sigh, I have a dream.
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    I used to sit at midcourt on the first row for every game in Gregory Gym. It was an incredible experience. You could literally reach out and roll a guy's socks down while he was inbounding the ball from there (not that I ever did that).

    I even sat there for a Harlem Globetrotters game many years ago. Meadowlark Lemon was two feet from me making hook shots from midcourt. I think he made like three or four in a row. Unreal.
  14. Bob in Houston

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    Yeah, I sat on the first row a couple of times. It was really cool. I remember getting an up-close and personal look at Larry "Dr. Fre" Frevert of TCU.
  15. Horns11

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    Gregory has a lot fewer seats than you might think. They'd be lucky to fit 3500 bodies in there for a game.

    It's probably just not going to work.
  16. Bob in Houston

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    Yeah, I was in there for a graduation last year. You couldn't fit 7,500 in there anymore.

    After the remodeling, I believe I read on this board that you couldn't put a basketball floor in there. I think you could do it, but you certainly couldn't put the kind of numbers they used to have for games. It's a volleyball facility now.
  17. DRAG69

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    When you add all of those green wooden bleachers all the way around on the floor level and then all the way up on that stage you could get close to 7,000 in there. That place was loud during the big games.

    I remember seeing Robert Parrish when he was in college play there. Ugly mother.
  18. l00p

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    Don't talk about his momma.

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