TV for Gainesville games? (VB)

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by UTBandGuy09, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. UTBandGuy09

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    does anyone know if the sweet 16 will be televised in austin? i won't be able to go but would love to be able to watch.

  2. Pancho Negro

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    i think UF is streaming it on their atheltic website, similar to
  3. Sidewinder07

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  4. UTBandGuy09

    UTBandGuy09 25+ Posts

    awesome! thanks!
  5. MikeUT00

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  6. Handler XIII

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  7. daytonhorn

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    What Sidewinder07's link does not directly say is:

    12-08-2007 Sat TBA Gainesville, FL 03:00 pm ESPNU
    NCAA Regional Final
  8. C.L. McLovin

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    Hmmm, and what wonderful burnt orange clad ladies would be partaking in that TV game?

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