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    How are there no posts on this movie? Twilight is dominating at the theatre. I guess HF's has a shortage of young girls posting. I have no plans to go, but expected at least some posts telling us how lame it is. I mean it is a vampire movie that is PG. Can't be much blood and gore there. Probably lots of talking about their feelings. Yikes. I would rather be staked.
  2. LAktownhorn

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    $70 million. absolutely killed bolt at around $20 million.
  3. aUTfan

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    I'm 36 and took my 13 yr. old son, i felt awkward being there, it was obviously for teenage girls or a teenage date movie. I wanted more fighting shoot'em up stuff, there was a short round of music that i thought might be good though if i was able to listen to all of it. Acting was horrible.
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    My finance' is reading the books and wants to see the movie. We went to see Quantum of Solace last weekend and there were so many teenagers at the movie theater that we had to push our way to get to our movie.
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    I haven't read/seen Twilight, but I can't imagine it being better than HBO's True Blood.
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    horndfl is a young girl. you could ask him.
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    If young girls are discovered posting on Hornfans their daddy's should spank them and send them to bed without supper.
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    I read the books and they're not good enough for a movie... someone's just trying to cash in on the fad...

    BTW: I miss 3:16
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    True Blood is probably more intriguing for the mature audience.

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