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    Really? I thought it was original. Dang it
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    I was wondering what it was like out there because they keep telling us Trump has lost the suburbs. Mine is considered 'Inside the Loop'
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    Yea, rando comment in my twitter feed. It’s a little different in my neighborhood. People have put up Kevin Brady signs in their yards. What’s funny is that from a distance the signs look like Trump signs. Same font, font size, coloring etc. Had to be intentional on Brady’s part. I will ask next time I see him.
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    Just in time to vote
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    One thing I see while cycling is alot of signs for "Champion*" Who I had to look up. He is running against Sheila Andrew Jackson Robert R. Lee. I have even seen some of his signs in Biden yards! (LOL). She embarrasses everyone, even her own side.
    But, sadly, he has no chance. Those books are cooked. And there is nothing anyone can do except wait for her to die.

    I once had the local state senator walk up my drive while I was in the garden. We chatted. He was cool. He asked what I wanted most - I almost screamed, "Stop jerrymandering for She-Jack!" He looked at his shoes. I kid not.

    *Ironically enough, just like She-Jack, he is from New York.
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    I don't go to twitter, so I must decline answering the question. I just assumed 99+% of twit people were douches, kung flu diaper or no.
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  8. Monahorns

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    an Amish person?
    an Orthodox Jew?
    homeless guy?
    thin Saddam Hussein?
    someone leaving a Phish concert
    an Islamic Mullah?
    Or the guy who runs Twitter?

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    Ha, looks like a vagrant. I’d wave him over to paper shredder and ask for his help, as a trap.
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    Long beards belong on wizards. That's it. Maybe a mountain man. If you live on a city block, cut that crap back.
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    All they need to do is pass a law limiting the legal protection of social media companies who censor. Don't need talk. Need laws.
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    Lumber Jack is obviously not being honest though. If the NY Post deletes their tweet they can start tweeting again. The NY Times doesn't have to go back and delete anything, although he stated that they had "made mistakes" and "changed policy" in relation to the stories discussed from the two news sources.
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    What do you expect, just look at the freak.

    "When I don't want to be lied too I choose not to ask questions" - Emerson
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    I know she's a liberal who cares too much about Jews. . . But she's right as usual.

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    Look at Bowie calling it back in 1999

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    Twitter blinks:

    Malaysian ex-PM tweets that Muslims have 'right' to kill French people after deadly Nice attack

    "Twitter initially flagged his tweet about killing "millions of French people" as "glorifying violence" but did not remove it.

    However, shortly afterwards, the tweet was deleted entirely."

    We can see their initial instincts are to protect Muslims because they hate Trump trying to control entry into our country from countries that don't have a modern functioning government or are our sworn enemy. This even though Liberals themselves HATE homophobic, misogynistic fundamentalists.
  20. Joe Fan

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    Twitter reversed this about 20 hours later
    The claimed some kind of "error" again
    The reality is that the story got a lot of traction which forced their hand
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    Remember, they're ok with someone describing a conservative Jew and "not human." That's not hateful, but saying good things about the wall (which I don't support) is.
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  22. Mr. Deez

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    Only if they're pro-Western (Christians or orthodox Jews).
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    Yes... I know that... the disconnect is easily ignored by them.

    I don't know if they realize it or are contriving it, but the idea that someone embrace poor, uneducated, pro-life, anti-gay, misogynistic Catholics or Islamic fundamentalists is an interesting vision; it appears to be an attempt to rule as an elite and allow these cultures to exist in their poor little world while the cake is served in exchange for votes.
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    Here was the 'hateful' tweet

  25. bystander

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    I know ranchers in South Texas. I have been on their land. I've spoken about this with them. All of them were of Hispanic descent. What can be added to that list that Twitter abhors is trespassing, property damage, theft and fear. Everyone walks/drives around with a holstered pistol on their ranch. At all times. You can say it has always been so but the reasons change... we know today's reason.

    I'm just stating absolute facts. It's not hate. I have so many Hispanic friends down there. I visit virtually once a month. It's my world and I love it. But we have to be real if we are going to solve our problems.

    Apparently ranchers don't matter.
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  27. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    I also have friends on border whose family has been there since 1908 and everything you mention is daily reality

    I would invite MrD down to the border and maybe he could then understand the necessity of a border.
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    I don't know The D's reasoning. That's cool. Maybe it's just not a value investment. But it's the other stuff such as abolishing ICE and the demonization of Border Patrol agents that is the real story. They just flat out want an open border. There is no doubt about this. I know we have Liberals on here that will not accept this sort of "opinion" on my part but it's very real.

    The other night I was at a dinner party down there and I heard a friend blurt out straight to an attorney how she did not understand how he could ever defend a Border Patrol agent in court. She is a flat-out Liberal and is extremely emotional in her thinking. ZERO filter. She's always been that way. Today's Liberals from my high school were ALL over-reactive emotional types. And they carried it with them to adulthood. Her opinion is that Border Patrol agents (all of them) don't deserve a fair trial. She is so mental about the whole thing. She thinks she is a kind person and this is how it comes out. You can't talk to her about it at all.

    And there apparently are millions like her.
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    Maybe this was the look Jack is going for...
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