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  1. Joe Fan

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    Maybe we are a test case for Google checking its reach and power?
    The next move is for Google to order the Persians and Arabs to get along
    Or else!
  2. Joe Fan

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    I was thinking of mentioning Roberts but the post was already longer than most people want to read
    But if it comes down to us having to rely upon that coward, then we are totally fooked
    Before the 2016 election, I argued and argued and argued with posters in here who were recalcitrant to vote for Trump, because he was mean to Ted or Jeb or whomever
    I was consistent with the same argument each time
    It was all about the Supreme Court
    It was the only thing that (short of nuclear war) really mattered

    We could not risk letting Hillary have those seats

    Now, maybe they get it?
  3. Duck Dodgers

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    Yeah, it would be a 7-2 SC now if her Shrillerness had won in 2016. Only Thomas and Alito, while the Coward John Roberts would be enjoying his role as leftist in chief.

    Problem is, now that it's 5-4 the other way, they probably still won't rule on anything that advances conservatives causes. And that's the problem - when leftists are in charge, you get leftist polices. When conservatives are in charge, you get slightly fewer leftist polices.

    I still have doubts about Kaughan as well. He's yet to be the deciding vote in anything that matters. After a lifetime of being in the good graces of the DC ruling class, is he willing to withstand all their petty hate and bile by ruling against them on something that matters, like abortion, or free speech, or guns?
  4. Monahorns

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    That is why I don't vote for Rs anymore. They are basically Progressives. They just want to move slower. They aren't conservative they are liars.
  5. Joe Fan

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    How long does GAB have before they give it the kill shot too

  6. Duck Dodgers

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    It's my understanding Gab has recognized that Big Tech hates them and would like to ruin them, so they've set up the things they need to be able to operate without them. Their own servers instead of cloud services, etc.

    I'm sure Google will fix it so a search of them by name produces nothing, but they are not hard to find via direct type in of the address.
  7. Joe Fan

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    Kennedy over my man was a deep cut - arguably fatal

    To me, the second deepest cut was probably Miguel Estrada, who would probably be on the SCOTUS now but for failed Rep leadership (how many times have you heard that phrase?). He is a very bright guy and the opposition somehow overcame some blatant racism.

    My third regret is Alex Kozinski who I had some personal history with. He was a legal genius but had some unfortunate personal issues that caught up with him later.
    And fourth would be Edith Jones of the 5th. She took no prisoners.

    US legal history would be much different today had Republicans had the stamina and courage to advance some combination of these judges.
  8. Duck Dodgers

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    Possibly. I supposed you could say all the 5-4 cases that Kennedy decided for the left would have gone the other way with Bork there.

    But any of those with the Coward John Roberts in place, and you'd have to think he'd have shown his true colors then. He was happy to play along with the charade of him being on the right, when Kennedy could push the court to the left. Different scenario, as has been shown, when it's him that's the deciding vote.

    So only the cases to maybe 2007 or so. The Casey decision would probably have been different, not sure off the top what else. Can't remember what side Kennedy was on when Affirmative Action / Quotas were on their last legs in 2003 or so, when SDOC rescued them from being overturned.

    Interesting point though about Bork. He died I believe in 2012 - certainly during King Barry's terms, so all other things being the same, that seat would have gone to a leftist, leading to a 5-4 leftist court, and that's with one of the 4 being the Coward John Roberts. Even with us being Ruth-less, it would still be a 5-4 leftist court with the Coward John Roberts on the side of his fellow leftists now, even with Gorsuch and ACB.
  9. Joe Fan

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    They are about to take this **** one step further and criminalize opposition, and there are some people on our side even who think Trump supporters are the problem

    This is some real Banana Republic stuff

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  10. Joe Fan

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    There is no "could say" to that
    Kennedy loved having splinters up his butt
    Bork was not afraid to make decisions
  11. Joe Fan

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  12. Monahorns

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    Joe, libertarians have been saying for a long time that foreign wars come back home. History shows that things learned on the battlefield are eventually used on the citizens. This would further prove the point.
  13. 2003TexasGrad

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    This is hate speech right? Incitement to violence? Is this worthy of being banned by Twitter?

    Jack? Mr Dorsey? Are you there?

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  14. nashhorn

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    Disgusting 03, unless you’re the left.
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    There isn't a whole lot you do on your phone or computer that isn't privy to law enforcement with a proper warrant. At one wireless telecom I previously worked the legal team handled >1M LEO requests a year. I'm certain the Social Media companies are no different, especially retrieving deleted or private content.
  18. mb227

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    Hence my comment.

    Deleted content becomes more of a challenge. A recent case of ours revealed that deleted texts do not say where or to whom they went. Defendant was identified through content of the messages.
  19. 4th_floor

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    BLM and Antifa protesters committing violence have also been arrested. I read somewhere that 450 were arrested in the D.C. protests over a 3 day period. Fortunately for us all, neither extreme has a monopoly on idiots bragging about their endeavors whether that's looting a Target or breaking into Nancy Pelosi's office.
  21. Monahorns

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    The problem is the Antifa/BLM are released soon after arrest. They go through a revolving door.
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  22. iatrogenic

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    They may not have a monopoly, but the Dem supported BLM/Antifa morons have about 99% of the market.
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  23. Run Pincher

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    What an effing joke. BLM and Antifa are getting the catch n release quicker than a 4" bass in a public park. Let's see who gets prosecuted and persecuted.
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  24. mb227

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    And THEN the cases just go *poof* and disappear from the docket.
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  25. Joe Fan

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    How funny is that?

    We need to figure out a way to return to an era when being a hypocrite was embarrassing - because no liberal alive today thinks hypocrisy is bad

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  26. 4th_floor

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    I think Amazon needs to mail out ballots to every address for every employee or customer they have had since the company was founded. Plus they need to mail out a ballot to anyone who requests it. I'll vote for the union. I don't care if the prices go up and the service quality goes down. Walmart+ will work fine for me anyway.
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  27. Joe Fan

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    There are a bunch of employees walking thru Guatemala right now who want to vote too! Let all votes count
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  28. Horn6721

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    Above is funny terrible and true
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  29. Joe Fan

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    About that free speech thing .... just kidding!

    I wonder if they expect us to defend their rights now?

  30. Joe Fan

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    Facebook is now self-aware


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