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    I'll bet Facebook wouldn't try that **** on China. China banned Google and all Google apps at one point. Google is bending over backward, conceding to CCP demands, to try to get back into the Chinese search engine market.
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    Twitter's latest banning victim is Steven Crowder
    His crime?
    In a video, he showed people voted with listed addresses that do not exist

    Who are the Fascists?


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    It does make you wonder where GOOGL would draw the line
    Is GOOGL even capable of drawing a line with corporate interests and market share are at stake?
    For example, what if the CCP told GOOGL - "You go murder Trump, now"
    Would they do it?
    I am willing to bet they would at least have high level meetings to consider it, whether they could get away with it
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    Here is an interesting recent story along thse lines
    Back in 2018, Turkey launched a military offensive against Kurdish minorities in neighboring Syria.
    Facebook execs faced a dilemma.
    Turkey was demanding they block Facebook posts from the People’s Protection Units, a mostly Kurdish militia group the Turkish government had targeted.

    What should they do?
    They could ignore the request, something they had done in the past. But, if they did that this time, Turkey was going to block millions of FB users in Turkey
    Or, they could just get in bed with the authoritarian Turkish Govt

    Here is Sheryl Sandberg's (FB #2) response -- it was just one sentence --

    “I am fine with this.”

    The attack was particularly brutal. And guess what? Now, 3 years later, YPG’s photos and updates about the Turkish military’s attacks on the Kurdish minority in Syria still can’t be viewed by Facebook users inside Turkey.


    So there is your answer

    FB calls it GEO-BLOCKING

    How long before they do this to Texas?

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    The good news? Even the poop emoji counts as a like. So, I'm helping your self esteem even with the poop emoji.
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    Let's see if I can fully grasp your toothless attempt at the use of the English language today. You jumped into a conversation between two other posters in a adolosecent attempt to draw "moral equivalent" between Trump choosing not to go to war with a fellow NATO member (who also houses US military personnel) and the cynical corporate decisions of Sheryl Sandberg? I do credit you with creating the amusing mental image of you shaking your fist and flapping your gums at the computer screen about "that fracking Drumph!"

    Lastly, if I recall correctly, back at the time of this event, you were screaming the exact opposite, that Trump was going to "get us into WWIII!!!" in Syria. That was you too, right?
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    I thought you were pooping Facebook
    It's weird how you judge my post to be worse than FB's behavior here
    But this is the black and white world you guys live in
    It is never what was done or said. The only thing that matters is who did it or said it. You are boring simpletons
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    Kind of timely giving the sudden crying fit over Trump not nuking Turkey

    Not even Dems think senile 'ol Joe can be trusted with the nuclear codes

    “Nearly three dozen House Democrats on Monday called on Biden to relinquish his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons, in the latest appeal to reform the command-and-control structure so that no single person can initiate a nuclear war"


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    Good luck finding them. Jill have you seen my nuclear keys?
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    I laugh but that may be true.
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    Demented moron doesn't know if she is his wife or sister, but supposedly 80M people voted to give him these codes because Orange Man Bad!!!!!
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