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    This guy has a blue check and 58,000 followers

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    I see so many nobodies with blue check marks. Doesn't seem like a worthwhile designation.
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    Big Tech is probably the single biggest source of election interference

    Comparison of Google traffic to conservative sites vs. left-wing sites.
    Clear pattern
    (Data via Alexa)
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    Google did a "Core Search" update in May
    This show what happened up to the update and then after for searches for "Biden" and "Joe Biden" that directed to Breitbart
    They literally flatlined the results
    This is some evil election year shyte
    The time to break up big tech is here

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  6. Joe Fan

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    The libertarian viewpoint

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  7. Monahorns

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    If the corporations are so bad, which I agree they are, then we have the choice to not use them. We can go to one of several alternatives. If people aren't willing to switch, then they are the problem not Big Tech.

    What Libertarians recognize is that increasing the scope and power of government leads to bad unintended consequences and further abuses of power down the road.

    Now if the government has somehow subsidized any of these corporations, they could ask for a repayment if they don't comply with some sort of fair play guidelines. Or there might be regulations that prevent other companies from being created or from being used en masse. Those types of things could be removed. But breaking up companies usually gets twisted around to actually support the big companies and hurt the small ones. Not the other way around.
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  8. Dionysus

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  9. theiioftx

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    Trump needs to quit Twitter and sign up for Parler. Instantly, Parler becomes very powerful.
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  10. Monahorns

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    iis, he probably isn't smart enough to do that. He wants be a celebrity and all the celebrities are on Twitter.
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  11. Mr. Deez

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    I agree with this. However, I also think that a government that doesn't feel the need to censor because its subjects will self-censor is almost as dangerous as a government that censors. We may still have liberty in this country in the literal sense that the government isn't jailing people for their beliefs and statements. However, we're very quickly losing what I would call our "culture of liberty." The big tech companies certainly enable this problem and make it worse. However, bringing government coercion to bear wouldn't fix the problem. It would only reinforce it further, because this is ultimately a cultural flaw.
  12. bystander

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    I've been thinking about this a long time. Freedom of speech in this country is gone. The Left thinks it's ok because it's not the government doing it as you say. But we know that's not true. The government is doing it by proxy. Their leaders signal and their minions through-out the land take advantage of the open information flow to destroy people's lives.

    And these are the same people who accuse Trump of subverting our democracy (never mind either the open borders and rights given freely to non-citizens).
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  13. Monahorns

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    I agree about the culture statement. I just don't know how your change that. If corporations stood up to social media mobs it could change. But I am not sure that the CEOs want it to change. I think they agree with the mob. Not sure how to change that.
  14. Mr. Deez

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    Do the CEOs really agree with the mob, or do they just pander to them?

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