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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by caryhorn, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. caryhorn

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    I think this is a pivotal game. Why, aren't we out of the running for the March tourney, and probably won't make much noise in the B12 tourney?? This is why tonight matters. If we win, it signals we can win against B12 teams. Remember, the B12 is the strongest conference, top to bottom, in the nation. Its a confidence booster. We've lost our B12 games by an average of 4 points. That's with 3-4 freshman on the floor for forty minutes. We are this close to breaking out. Allen is coming into his own, averaging almost 20 a game the last two weeks. Jones is playing decent at the point--not great, but serviceable till Coleman gets here. He's averaging 15 a game the last two weeks. Even Cleare is coming on.

    So if we edge over this hump, win tonight, beat Georgia on Saturday (which is possible) then we have momentum to make some B12 headway. Then, with a few B12 second half wins, we just might surprise in the B12 tourney.

    If you're in the Austin area, go to the game, make some serious noise, and give the young horns some help!! They haven't given up, are playing hard every game, with tons of heart.

    Above all, remember :ousucksnana: :ousucks:
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  2. ViperHorn

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    Every game against the land thieves counts.
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  3. caryhorn

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    Horns off to a good start. Up early, strong defense, good hustle, and hitting some threes. Allen is a beast tonight. this kid is getting it done.
  4. caryhorn

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    Wow. Allen the beast has turned into Allen the freshman. Multiple turnovers by him and a few more by the others which has let ou back into this game. Take care of the ball and the horns are in control, but now its anybody's game. ou has the momentum now. We need a shot to get this game back.
  5. dukesteer

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    This team seems destined to always find a way to lose. It's hard to watch.
  6. Htown77

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  7. caryhorn

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    Roach and Jones and Allen blew the game in the last two minutes. Turnovers, poor passes, missed free throws down the stretch. this team does not know how to finish. Winnable game that was lost. ou's freshmen outplayed, played smarter.

    The above was written as Jones was dribbling down the court, just before he made the 25 footer to win the game for the Horns. Thought I'd leave it up just to show how my despair had settled in. OK. I am now eating crow, washing it down with a cold beer.

    On the positive side, they played maybe the worst two minutes of the season at the end and then the two 3 pointers in the last 11 seconds win the game for us. I'll f'n take it!!!

    Look out Georgia, the horns are gonna take it to ya this Saturday!!
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  8. caryhorn

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    LOL^^^ I was right there with you (see my post above). This team is bi polar. Five minutes of great play, then five of the worst impossible to watch BB ever.

    As the announcers said, the best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores.
  9. Htown77

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    Based on our last 5 minutes of play before that last shot, everyone can be excused of any crow eating this time. I agree though. I'll take it and any win over OU!
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  10. old65horn

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    I agree. Allen had a very bad game, but he hustled his butt off. I was most excited with Davis. I wish we had someone other than Roach to handle the ball in crunch time. Two head down drives into traffic before throwing up a prayers, a lazy pass that turned into ou's first lead in the 2nd half and missed both FT's in the last 3 minutes.
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  11. Statalyzer

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    any day Texas beats Oklahoma is a good day.
  12. Run Pincher

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    I will admit I had some of the same thoughts. After Allen missed the front end of the 1n1 and we committed a stupid foul on the rebound giving them 2, my thought was, "that's exactly how you lose games, here we go again".

    Have to say though despite the miracle last shot the 3 by Davis before that was even more of a miracle. POG really should have been co-winners Davis and Cleare. Cleare has far exceeded my expectations this year and he is the only one on the team I can say that about.
  13. txlandagent

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    In the 25+ years or so I've been following Texas basketball, this hands down has to be the most difficult team to watch. OU is a bad team and we struggled to beat them at home. But congrats on the win. Coming up with a near-buzzer beater win shows focus and heart. If this team just finishes above .500 I'll be happy.
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  14. BevoJoe

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    Damn nice shot for the win to beat OUsux! :coolnana::yippee:
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  15. dukesteer

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    Full disclosure, I turned it off at about the 2:00 mark. For me the ball handling is terrible. I know we don't have a true point guard but geez, Roach cannot be the go to guy in crunch time. That's a killer. If you can't get it into the post, throw it around the parameter, run the clock down and take shots. But don't drive to the hole and don't dribble around. That's a formula for failure, and but for a miracle, last night would have been another example of failure.
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  16. caryhorn

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    On the road ou beat # 7 wvu last Saturday. They have some dynamite freshman shooters and a very good coach. They have a losing record mainly because they play in the toughest BB conference in the country. They certainly are not in the top half of the B12, nor are we. I don't think anyone thought we could just walk over ou. They are not great, but they have been competitive all year. Sounds a little familiar.

    Did we blow a big lead? Yes, more than once. Duly noted. I think Ou will be, again, one of the top teams in the conference next year after Kruger has a year to coach them up. And, our kids will be coached up too. We don't lose every starter like we did this year.

    Fortunately for us, with our kids coming back (minus Allen, probably), plus a top ten recruiting class with a top ten point guard, we should be one of the better teams in the B12..
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  17. caryhorn

    caryhorn 2,500+ Posts

    Yep^^^ The last 3 or 4 minutes were choc full of turnovers, and especially poor ball handling by Roach, and poor shot selection. I don't get why Roach is charging to the hoop, where he has trouble finishing, and then when he gets fouled on the drive, is a very unreliable free throw shooter. Jones is a better ft shooter, and seems to have a better BB IQ. Maybe its time to give the ball to Jones in those situations.

    Side note: Just saw Jones' game winner on Sports Center, # 3 top play of the night!! Congrats Mr. Jones.
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  18. Htown77

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    It is being discussed in the last few posts, but I feel the same way because of all the turnovers. The unforced turnovers are what is so frustrating. As frustrating as it is for us fans, I cannot imagine how watching them feels for Coach Smart. Some of these turnovers are high school/middle school level mistakes that these players should have been past before they ever set foot on the 40 acres and started playing for Coach Smart. It has to just be a lack of concentration. Anyway, a win is a win so let's hope to see improvement over the next month.
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  19. Sangre Naranjada

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    Hard to argue with this.
  20. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    So the last 5 minutes were brutal in the arena seeing a big lead dwindle. Everyone was thinking the same thing, you could feel it.....we blew another one. When OU went up by 5 the place started emptying with fans steaming up the aisles and both my daughter and wife asked to leave. In the distance I could hear two toothless okies yelling Boomer.....Sooner in a nearly silent Drum. My response was, "well crap, there's only 19 seconds left let's just stay to see what happens".

    My daughter and wife thanked me! :hookem:
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  21. caryhorn

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    Yes, I agree with a slight caveat. The talent that Jones, Young, and Roach have, the incredible athleticism, (e.g. Roaches 47 inch vertical) so overwhelms other h.s. players that these freakish athletes often go practically uncoached. These kids are so beyond 99% of other high schoolers they just go go go. Works ok till they arrive at the best BB conference in the country.
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  22. Htown77

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    Good point @caryhorn!
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  23. yelladawgdem

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    This is the one thing that the folks in Hooterville never got. That OU was our rival and not them. I remember leaving the Cotton Bowl in 1990 after OU had missed a FG on the last play of a 14-13 UT win and saying to the effect, "this is so much a bigger deal than beating the ags. This is Oklahoma. And the ags, well, they are just the ags". Wouldn't you know it, the young woman in front of us, her date was an ag. He was nonplussed.

    Told me how many times in a row they had beaten us, it was like 5 or 6 at the time. I told him "stay off probation and someone might be impressed with that". And the standard reply of how they were just the same as OU in that department. And I'm thinking, really? This goober is going to make me defend the OUtlaw program in Norman? I told him that "there were no comparisons. OU cheats and wins National Titles. You people have been buying players since Bear Bryant was there and ain't won a big game yet".
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  24. Dionysus

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    Highlights from the game.

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  25. ProdigalHorn

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    What I'm starting to see as the season goes on is that the "cream" is starting to rise to the top on this roster. You're really starting to see which guys are big time athletes and which ones are big-time basketball players. We need a couple more of the latter!
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  26. WorsterMan

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    HELL OF A WIN!!!
  27. Statalyzer

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    Oh there's no doubt we made the type of bad crunch time decisions that usually lead to losses.

    From that highlight video, it looks like both teams were making a lot of bad decisions all game long that still managed to pay off for them - guess that's what happens when both teams aren't very good.

    Two other things that stand out: that was an awful call at 1:00, and I loved the quickness by Allen on his dunk at 1:24. A lot of guys after a rebound like that take time to gather themselves, bend down, and come back up, and give the D time to react. He barely even bent his knees, and brought the ball back up immediately after bringing it down. That's how to do it.
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  28. ProdigalHorn

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    I'm trying to think of the last person at UT who had comparable post moves to Allen, and I'm not sure you don't have to go all the way back to Chris Mihm (and Mihm probably wasn't as good). He had a rough night against OU in terms of getting the shot to fall, but he is amazingly smooth with his inside moves. Once he gets stronger and more confident dealing with double teams, he's going to be just about unstoppable down low.
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  29. ViperHorn

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    Agree and hope that the development takes place at Texas and not some NBA D-League team.
  30. caryhorn

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    This^^^ times 100.

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