Two cents worth: UT vs ou

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by caryhorn, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Chris Owens?
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    This is a very immature team. They are finding ways to lose instead of finding ways to win.
    They have lost too many games by small point numbers, because of turnovers and poor foul shooting. What is so hard about foul shooting?

    Also, Mack needs to get his butt out of Chaka's dog house. He could add enough points to win a few of these small point losses.

    Hook you
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    I don't think Mack will ever return.
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    Definitely not Owens - he was good, and became really good by the time he was a senior but he wasn't the inside scorer that Allen is right now. Thompson wasn't there yet either - he basically blossomed in D league, but while he was at Texas I thought he was pretty solid but inconsistent. I definitely never felt like he was the go-to guy on the roster.

    Aldridge maybe. He wasn't that much his freshman year but showed flashes, and as I recall, it was midway sophomore year that you saw the light really start to come on. But comparing freshman year to freshman year, Allen is ahead, IMO.
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    I say Aldridge because he was another 7 footer who was exceptionally mobile. Agreed he took a little longer to blossom.
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    He was a talented guy but he didn't seem to have any post moves outside of the turnaround and the fadeaway.

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