Two Plays We Need To Run

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by DRAG69, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. DRAG69

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    Florida runs two plays that I have rarely, if ever, seen anyone else use and I would love to see us run them next season.

    One is that tight end shovel pass. That was the first time I have ever seen that and it worked great last night several times. Of course we need a tight end next season and I hope Irby is able to get back.

    The other is that jump pass that Tebow uses regularly. It seems to work everytime they run it. I think Colt could pull that off with ease because of his running ability.

    I think we should use that againt OU next October. [​IMG]
  2. StuckInMemphis

    StuckInMemphis 25+ Posts

    That TE-QB-RB triple option that they ran was fantastic. We definitely have the horses for it next year and need to add it.
  3. OrangeChipper

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    I loved the spread look... fake the bubble screen and then do a QB draw.

    That play was bad-***.
  4. alden

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    Ok, but only after we use the hook&ladder and the statue of liberty. [​IMG]
  5. BurntOrangeGuy

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    exactly what I thought when I saw the TE shovel.....that would work for us........would have been great when Jermichael was the TE too
  6. accuratehorn

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    It was another version of the old triple-option, and it ate OU's lunch. I loved it. Our offense is pretty high powered, but the shovel pass is a good wepon against a quick rush, so maybe we should look at this play.
  7. Texas Taps

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    We need to run the play where ou got stuffed at the goal line
  8. CanaTigers

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    Colt should be in the office today asking why don't we run this, this, this!!!!
  9. Texas Jack

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  10. Dude

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    I love that TE shovel as well, but was wondering if its more effective for UF because they run the option more than we do.

    Seems like Colt has done some quasi-jump pass plays on the goal line before. His is more like a hop pass.
  11. DCLonghorn

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  12. toucan82

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    any chance that the cowboys run that next year?
  13. Huckleberry

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  14. majorwhiteapples

    majorwhiteapples 5,000+ Posts

    We also need a RB that can get to the corner and turn up field.
  15. everybodygodeep

    everybodygodeep 500+ Posts

    We have run the single option shovel pass with pathetic results. Need the threat of the triple option to truly make the play effective.
  16. UTeric32

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    I love how every message board in the country has a topic wanting to run the TE triple option now....

    It did look badass
  17. GHoward

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    We have run the inside shivel pass at least once this season. I'm not sure it was an option though, it was probably a set play. I think we ran it with split backs in the shotgun, or maybe with a WR in motion. It was early in the season and never seem again.
  18. baoklhorn

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    You read my mind Drag 69
  19. utmck

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    How about getting the ball to Fozzy in the flats, whether it is a screen or not doesn't matter.
  20. orangebones

    orangebones 500+ Posts

    For those who watched the Oregon/Okie Lite game, the ducks were able to run downhill
    out of the gun by having their back line up 2-3 yds deeper than the qb, and actually
    having their OL fire off the ball. That is how we need to use Cody and Whaley, if we're still
    going to line up in the gun.
  21. jameson_bond

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  22. repeater

    repeater 25+ Posts

    With the tight end shovel pass, we could probably put 24 on OU like Florida! Oh, wait, we put 45 (well 38 technically) on them with our offense.

    It is a badass play, though. So is Colt + Shipley exploiting the Cover 2.

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