Tx at Georgia

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. BabHorn

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    dang, I wish they would cut out completely those sideline interviews and just focus on the game. I have not idea who they were talking rather than talking about the game but they also have to show those talking heads talking about everything except the game they are supposed to be working.
  2. uisge beatha

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    And to take it a step.frther, you create a TX-GA thread, and instead of discussing the game you post a out the talking heads not discussing the game. Sorry, not ragging you, just found it mildly humorous. I'm watching from a bar so when the THs are on, I have no idea what's happining on the floor.
  3. BevoJoe

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    Man...lost the lead and the game. This team sure racks up the "Ls" this season. Growing pains I guess.
  4. caryhorn

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    Yes. And "no point guard" pains.
  5. old65horn

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    I keep telling myself not to watch and suffer anymore this year, yet I always do. Allen seems to have regressed. I was hoping they would have gone to Allen and than kick out to Davis for a trey. OT was a loss with Banks. At least, we did not put the ball in Roach's hands for a drive and a prayer..
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  6. old65horn

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    Wasn't that her point?

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