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    As I post this, I am reminded how difficult it must be to be a student athlete with all the juggling that comes with their class and game schedules.

    Women's Basketball Preview: Texas at Kansas State [Jan. 19, 2020]

    Texas [10-6, 2-2] at Kansas State [7-7, 1-2]
    January 19, 2020
    Where: Manhattan, Kan.
    Arena: Bramlage Coliseum [12,528]
    Time: 12:00 p.m. CT
    Online: Big 12 Now on ESPN+ [Brian Smoller, Missy Heidrick, Anna Christenson]
    Radio: 105.3 FM [Craig Way, Kathy Harston]
    Live Stats
    All-Time Series: Texas leads 22-16


    The Texas women's basketball team is back on the road for the third time in four games Sunday when it travels to Manhattan, Kan., to take on Kansas State. Tip-off is slated for 12 p.m. CT and the game will be broadcast by Big 12 Now on ESPN+.

    The Series:
    Texas and Kansas State meet for the 39th time in the history of the two programs. The Longhorns lead the all-time series between the two teams 22-16. The Wildcats won both meetings during the 2018-19 season. Kansas State holds a 9-8 advantage when playing Texas in Manhattan.

    Double Trouble:
    Texas leads the nation with 20 double-doubles this season. Sophomore center Charli Collier ranks sixth nationally with 10 double-doubles, which makes her the first Texas player to reach double-figure double-doubles since Imani McGee-Stafford totaled 13 in 2015-16. Senior forward Joyner Holmes is 10th nationally with nine double-doubles, while senior guard Lashann Higgs has one double-dip.

    Balanced Attack:
    Texas has benefitted from a balanced offensive attack, which has three players averaging double-figures in scoring and five players with eight or more points per game. In all but one game this season, the Longhorns have placed at least three players in double-figure scoring.

    Sophomore Strong:
    Sophomore center Charli Collier has had a breakout second year for the Longhorns. She is one of only six players in the Big 12 to be averaging a double-double with 14.2 points per game and 10.5 rebounds per game. Collier also ranks 20th nationally in rebounds per game. She is 16th in the Big 12 in scoring and 14th in field-goal percentage [.444].

    On The Boards:
    Success on the boards has been a staple of Texas teams for many years. In fact the Longhorns have tied or won the rebounding battle in 129 of their last 155 games overall, including 11 of 16 games this season. The Longhorns hold a +9.6 rebounding margin, which ranks 19th nationally. Texas has reached 50 or more rebounds in five games this year.

    KSU Notes: Game notes (pdf) - Kansas State University Athletics
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    Texas "should beat" unranked KSU. We shall see. TCU and Hawaii should have been wins.
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    And Stanford should have been a loss but you can’t always get what you want. :whiteflag:
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  4. justabbfan

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    Not subscribing to ESPN+ to watch this game.
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    Refs keeping KSU in this game
  6. brnkj

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    Actually we kept KSU in the game with 20+ turnovers. I will say aside from the TO's, our offensive execution -- overloading the zone, making extra passes and getting quality looks, etc -- was much better today. Again, minus the TO's it was a solid performance and a good win.
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  7. JoeDallas

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    From radio it's hard to tell, and I had too many distractions, but it sounded like Mittie got us out of our game as usual. We won, but it sounded really ugly with many unforced turnovers, missed layups, etc. At least we made some our 3's, apparently had to shoot many of them due to zone. Why was Sug out so long? I rarely heard Higgs' name mentioned. Anyone who saw the game fill us in?
  8. TempestHorn

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    Sutton and Higgs were in foul trouble from the 1st half on. The rest of the starters joined them in foul trouble in the 2nd half. Higgs made it into Aston's doghouse and rightfully so as her defense was not good so she stayed on the bench for most of the 2nd half.

    This game should have been a 20 point blow out with 21 steals. Our points off turnovers though were half what they should have been with so many missed layups and turnovers on our part after steals.
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    With 11 threes, it should have been an even bigger win but if you listened to or watched the game it was hard not to notice how often KSU got to the line. At one point almost three times more often. It only evened up in the final quarter and especially the final few minutes when KSU fouled to try and stop the clock.

    Sug was amazing down the stretch and only played 21 minutes total due to early fouls. Still she ended up being high scorer.

    Celeste had 4 threes. Eight (8) Horns hit from behind the arc. Without those 11 extra points this game most likely would have been a loss. Crazy

    Holmes continues to be one of the most inconsistent players I have ever watched. She got down on herself early and that was that. It’s not skill with her - it’s mental. BUT she had five steals so credit that.

    In the end Charlie and Joyner combined for 12 points and 15 rebounds with 6 turnovers and 8 fouls.

    Bright spot were the ones who stepped up when Charlie and Joyner got shut down.
    Sug had 16
    Celeste had 15
    Underwood had 11
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  10. racerx5908

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    I didn't listen to the game. But apparently, the players were down on themselves afterwards, based on KA's statements:

    Actually I'm glad that they were down on themselves and were unhappy even after a victory.
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  11. brnkj

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    I watched... we were aggressive defensively and that can often equate to fouls. You're right with the threes we hit AND the 20 steals we should've beaten them by 30 but... 20+ turnovers kept the game closer than it should have been. I agree about Holmes... She looked a MESS today.
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  12. Moooooo

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    Didn't get to watch the game. Based on the stats, glad to see that Jada showed up. She's making her senior season count.
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  13. Moooooo

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    So, typically, when one of our road game is telecast by an ESPN channel, it is later replayed on LHN. But, this game was streamed on ESPN+. Don't see it in my guide for an LHN replay. Anyone else know what to expect?
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    Was wondering the same thing.
  15. Sangre Naranjada

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    Yep, it's mental. And it's very frustrating to see from a fan's perspective. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for the coaches?
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  16. kurupt

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    How many rebounds did she have and did she play good defense? I’m asking because I didn’t watch the game and no player is going to play well every game. And when you look at her numbers this years she’s been pretty consistent.
  17. brnkj

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    She just played like her head was not completely in the game... like she does at times. You're correct, nobody is at their best every game.
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  18. loyallonghorn

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    Whenever I watch TexasWBB, I keep hearing commentators mention that Joyner's going to be a high/first round WNBA draft pick. She may well based on potential because I don't see it in her inconsistent production. All the blown lay ups are frustrating. She's a senior. There shouldn't be this inconsistency often times against smaller defenders.

    When I saw Nalyssa Smith play in high school, I described her as a poor-man's Joyner Holmes. That description is inapplicable and may be reversed.

    She reminds me of Ralph Sampson, a big who wants to play guard, shoot from outside, and not mix it up on the inside.
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  19. fittaraw

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    Celeste and K-State's Lee tied for Big 12 freshman of the week!
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  20. Seattle4UT

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    wonder why there isn’t a tie breaker procedure. Dilutes the honor when there is a tie imho.
  21. UTSUgrad

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    IMHO, she is a player who has never had to think on court. She has physical gifts that allowed her to just play well instinctively, but now she has to compete with players who can out-think her, and some who are her physical equals. She probably could be successful overseas, but will have a hard time getting playing time in the WNBA. I could see her as a sub, going in the game for a couple of minutes to give a starter a rest. I hope she's physically and mentally healthy and is struggling just because ... these things happen.
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