UH QB D'Eriq King to sit out rest of season, redshirt

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    Holgerson knows his season is wasted. He thinks King is the real deal, has a chance to take them through his second season undefeated, a looksee from a major bowl, and he won't have Tua & Hurts pushing him down to 8th in the Hype$man voting.

    Will Third Ward have a better season next year?

    Will they get a major bowl bid? Unless the auto parts bowl gets miraculously elevated.

    Hype$man chances? Great season - 5th place;

    Also could be Holgerson's ticket out of Third Ward.

    so so season - Andre Ware votes for him
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    No doubt and moving to Houston was Holgerson's grand scheme to get out of Morgantown. I can understand wanting out of Morgantown, but he should have studied the history of Cougar High coaches moving on. Herman is the only one to has a chance to be special, but that is as much as being at Texas as Herman's ability to coach.

    In the current Heisman "system" Ware would not have won. King will be at the bottom of a list comprised of Alabama's QB, the $EC Champion's QB (if not Alabama), Clemson's QB, ou's QB and Sam so your 5th at best is spot on.
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    I see it as a classless and very selfish move by King. It sends a bad message. That is, unless there are some factors below the surface about which we are not aware.

    I don’t get the motivation because his visibility at UH is not bad. Perhaps meddling by Riley? Wouldn’t surprise me...
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    I was thinking the same thing and thought I might be in the minority. I'm proud TH has built a team first attitude at Texas. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case most places.
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    Duke, Run,

    What makes y'all think Riley has anything to do with it? This is Holgerson, plain and simply. If they beat Tulane, he makes his run. Losing Tulane means Holgerson scrapped the season and brings his "star" back for a better run next year, hoping for higher visibility, better recruiting, New Years Day Bowl, more hardware.

    Failing that, Holgerson is likley gone.
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    SH, what are the odds that King is on OU’s roster next year? I’d say 50/50. That’s his MO, and players know it.
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    I would put those odds at under 10%

    At some point, Linc has to produce his own QB, not retread someone else’s.

    Mayfield had a really good reason for transferring, at least until he got her transferred with him.

    Kyler never wanted to be at aTm to begin with, then when Sumlin’s lies caught up with him, that’s a legitimate excuse.

    Neither of those guys could trust their coach.

    King is a totally different story. People on this board criticize LJH for coming out early, and rightfully so. Some of these same people will criticize King for trying to maximize his exposure, legacy, and draft status.

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    I would put Casey Thompson's transferring to ou a higher probability than King.
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    My issue is that he seems to be effectively saying to his teammates "You guys suck and this is your fault, so I'm going to sit out and let some of you losers graduate or learn to play better before I'm willing to go out and play football with you again."
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    I think it's a sign of the times. The new redshirt rules, transfer portal, grad transfers, you name it. College football's version of free agency....
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    Don't disagree with the need for Linc to produce his own, but, when good/great/proven players are available and want to come run your offense, why say no?
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    Thompson probably will transfer, but it won't be to OU. Riley will not take anyone who is not Heisman worthy.
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    His 1st paragraph, the 2nd one never entered my mind.
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    Why? If he transfets he sits for a year. If he stays, he will play at least some next year and be in line to start the year after.
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    ou recruited Thompson hard, and I believe his dad played for ou. ou will take him.
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    Maybe I just don’t understand but my gut reaction is I don’t like this. He just totally blew off the Seniors and prolly any chance they have to rebound and go bowling. SMH

    Just watched local sports news segment in Houston. Coach said “I think it’s pretty cool that these guys want to continue their college experience at the University of Houston. They do not want it to be over in a couple months. They have the right to get another year.”

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    Briles was special
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    Special isn't the descriptor most of us would use.
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    "King was recruited by Herman’s staff at Houston. They obviously have a great deal of familiarity with King.

    There’s been a lot of light hearted banter online about the possibility of King ending up at Oklahoma next season.

    We do not believe there is any chance of that happening. Lincoln Riley absolutely loves Spencer Rattler and based on what we’ve heard in the past, Riley wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize things with Rattler.

    Based on additional information, if (and it’s a big if) Ehlinger were to depart early, I’d bet money King ends up at Texas."

    Open Post | Weekend, September 27th-29th - The Football Brainiacs - UT Edition
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    The next Heisman transfer at ou?

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    holgerson called his bluff. Thats why he took a redshirt.
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    Who transfers first rattler or mordecai
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    Interesting timing
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    Could he be going to LSU?
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    If that guy goes to LSU and is turned into a great passer, then that coach of theirs is a darn magician.
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    It will be interesting to see where he ends up. Arkansas?
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    What a dick.
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    latest OU transfer QB?

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