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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, May 12, 2019.

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    I have a friend who teaches at an out of district school and his son has attended that school his whole life. He's now considering transferring to the in district school for his senior season.

    I can't seem to find any rules on transferring back to your in district school. Does anyone have info on this and if he would have to sit out a year like transferring out of district? Also heard the athletic director has to approve the transfer which seems stupid. Thanks for any info!
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    Interesting. Like it might be easier to come back "home"
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    From everything I've read/heard, UIL can't "prevent" you from participation in extracurricular activities at the school for which you are zoned (unless he violated amateurism or drug rules). But yes, the AD would have to review the transfer and verify attendance.

    Sitting out a year only applies if the transfer was for competition purposes. Since no one can prevent him from attending his home school, and I assume your friend can prove where he lived before this year, they'd get around that.

    I guess my question would be if he's transferring to the home ISD, but attempting to switch to a school within that district for which he's not zoned. This seems to happen a lot with home-schooled kids... they'll cry foul that they weren't allowed to participate on the soccer team or something, but it turns out they were trying to play for the "good" school in the district and not the one closest to his/her house. Frisco is kind of in that predicament for a lot of UIL infringements because of the sheer volume of schools now, and the fact that many of the feeder patterns allow for kids to attend "this-or-that" school at the middle school level. Kids will choose the "good" middle school, but then want to flip back for the other HS.
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    Thanks for the other info. There is only one HS in the ISD and the parents both work in a different ISD and also a different classification not just a different school. So him transferring back into his home district there's only one choice so it's where he would have to go anyway.

    An update, it sounds like this is working out for him. The AD at the original school didn't want to sign the transfer papers, but the school principal and the superintendent over ruled him and basically told him that they won't stop him from playing his senior season. I think they are trying to show some respect to the parents who have both been teaching at the school for about 20 years.

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