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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by OUBubba, Mar 2, 2022.

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    It isn't absurd. Coal, oil, and gas are forms of stored energy. A battery is merely another form of stored energy.

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    Hahaha, by definition.
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    What would be absurd is the rhetorical trick that would be deployed by the Green left to justify a complete flip-flop on coal without acknowledging their atrociously bad judgment in creating the current problem in the first place.
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    EU energy rationing as it braces for winter. Link.
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    What do all those Russians and Ukrainians think this is, the Balkans?
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    I mean if we went to war with Canada, it's not like each side would be genociding the other, massacring lots of innocent civilians, and wantonly destroying property and cultural sites.

    It's not like the Canadians would burn our capital city to the ground if they could. Errrrrrrrrrr, ummmmmmm, wait a minute...............
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    American values (Monsanto, Cargill, Blackrock, etc.) I wonder if the "Big Guy" has interests in any of these aquistitions?

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    Good to see you back from Moscow. :)
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    I'm good with Cargill--a huge family owned enterprise out of Minnesota that has traded grain, and processed meats and other foods for generations. I'm not a fan of Monsanto at all. And frankly, I'm hostile towards Blackrock.

    I would venture a guess that around 90%+ of the Americans who have heard of Blackrock don't like them. Not many folks would shed a tear if Blackrock was taken down.
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    Sounds like the focus of the war is shifting towards the South (from the East). An estimated 12,500 Russian soldiers have recently moved to the Southern front from the East... Russia is massing up along the Southern front. Denys Davydov thinks Russia will make a big push on the ground in the South then rapidly seek negotiations to end it all (and, or course, Russia hopes to keep much of the land occupied).

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    Is that a joke? Getting hard to find any of a positive quality.
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    Cargill seemed like a cool place when I visited their HQ years ago. I was so close to starting a business/research deal that would have made a lot of money for my company. Back our leadership killed our project.
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    The end of western civilization in Europe.
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    Good morning sunshine!
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    Kyle Bass was on for an entire hour this morning on cnbc. The results of this war plus Europe being asleep at the wheel has direct consequences on the world's poor, and all in poorer nations. No political jibberish. Just straight talk.

    Took 40 years to xfer from coal to NG, to think ESG can be implemented in a decade or two is a dream (he said). The consequences of current policies are harsh

    Not sure how to load what I saw, if you can it's an education. The few times a Bass appears publicly it's always worth a listen

    ETA, he mentioned china's emergence has much in common with Germany in the 30s. Nations pouring in $$ and resources (for different reasons in regards to Ccp, Germany), only to be planned to use it against the world as a whole. He mentioned Churchill's 1rst book The Gathering Storm > in regards and comparison to CCP today. I read that 50 years ago, I think he's right. I'll get another copy, it was a great read
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    I own 1st edition hardbacks of all of those Churchill books.
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    I don't tend to like Twitter "threads" but those are some interesting observations on the desperation behind Russia's calling up of their reservists.
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    Recent news indicates things have been going further South for the Russians.

    Also, Putin is allegedly banning military aged men from flying out of Russia. A draft could be imminent. Fortunately for Putin, Russian history shows that the common people there wouldn’t rise up against their government—no matter how bad it gets…
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    Well, just listened to a report from Daniel Davis who is a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His analysis diminishes reports about Ukrainian successes. There was only movement in Kharkiv but it was an area left light by Russia as they focused on other areas. Russia is now holding firm at a new perimeter and making sure they are prepared for any future attacks.

    The attacks in Kherson were unsuccessful. Virtually no movement after the dust settled. Both of these attacks consumed Ukraine's offensive capability. They lost a very large number of soldiers with these actions.

    Russia is freaking out and "mobilizing" due to the loss in Kharkiv and the lack of offensive movement lately. They are mobilizing in the most tyrannical way possible too with conscription and 15 years in jail for desertion. In addition, Wagner group is advertising hard to get soldiers to go the mercenary route too.

    It's going from bad to worse. I wish Boris Johnson wouldn't have squelched negotiations in April. That would have saved thousands and thousands of lives extending around the world.
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    Russia no longer will view this as a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but now sees this as a war against NATO which initiated this over a period of years. What this means is that the gloves are off and eventually the conflict won't be prosecuted as a SMO (Special military operation), and Russia will begin escalation in terms of civilian infrastructure; attacks on electricity, water systems, rail, etc.

    Also, on the economic front, Europe is rapidly being de-industrialized due to a combination of self-imposed sanctions and a failing "green policy."
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    If they're smart, they will not start shelling the nuclear power plants. They could very well cause another Chernobyl, which not only hurts Ukraine, but also significantly hurts Russia and their pals Bellarussia.

    Or, Putin could play it like Nixon did -- bomb the crap out of Hanoi, then go into (Paris) peace accords and negotiate a deal. That could very well be his plan.

    Escalating into a war versus England, France, Germany and us would not be in Russia's interests...
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    Also, Russia makes BIG $$$$$ by selling gas to Germany and other W. European countries. Putin wouldn't want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
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    I think Russia's trade interests with Western Europe is the most solid factor restraining their strategy. They can't afford to completely destroy their reputation if they want a market for their oil and gas there. So I do think they will continue to be cautious somewhat. But I do expect that they will target infrastructure they believe they can destroy without looking too bad. Maybe not nuclear reactors or farms. But many other things will probably be destroyed in the hard winter.

    That is one thing Davis said. He mentioned any real movement will be after the fall rains are done and there is a hard freeze in the winter. Then the spring thaw will cause a pause for a while too.

    However, I am hearing that Russia isn't really able to provide troops with winter supplies and coats. If that is the case it will get very ugly for them as they have the choice of freezing to death or running into enemy fire. It's an absolute mess.
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    Putin starts to draft.
    Young Russian men head for the hills and the border.

    "Gone are the days when you could corral villagers and locals and send them off to front lines. As we're seeing along all roads out of Russia, those who can run away from mobilization notices are choosing to do so. In the hundreds of thousands--to say nothing of those who are likely avoiding call up notices within Russia itself."
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    I hope he has changed his name.
    The many who are fleeing becoming cannon fodder have to be worried for any relatives they left behind

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