Update on missing girl

Discussion in 'Prayer Requests' started by BigWill, May 23, 2002.

  1. BigWill

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    Good Luck...we are praying for you.
  2. HoustonHorn93

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    Man, I'm nearly in tears after looking at your website. This is closest I've ever come to knowing someone that's involved in an abduction. The news stuff just never seems real. I guess I missed this when it first happened. She is perhaps the cutest little doll I've ever seen (except of course my 7 year old). I've emailed the site to roughly 100 people mostly in Houston but some in Dallas and Austin. Good luck and please keep us updated!
  3. TLUHorn

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    I hope you know how damn hard I am praying for you and your daughter. Praying and crying.
  4. BullSprig@Work

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    You are in our prayers...
  5. leonutaustin

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    Everyone is thinking of you and Sabrina. I'm praying you report back soon with good news.
  6. TTUEX

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    Please continue to keep the extended hornfans community up to date.
  7. JC13545

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    Best of luck finding her......ttt.
  8. TrashMaster G

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    Shelly and I have you and Sabrina in our prayers every day.


    TEXMAN < 25 Posts


    I'll keep praying that sabrina will return to you safely.

    Keep the faith.
  10. lilMAC

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    I'm praying too...
  11. beowulf

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    Could someone post an active link to the site here?

  12. ninerhorn

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    God bless you and your daughter. We are praying for her safe return.
  13. Orangeblood

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    Here is the link: FIND SABRINA

    And Greg, I'll look around the house and see if I have anything that you can add to your auction. Email me (Orangeblood@HornFans.com) and let me know where to send it. I'd come to the event, but we'll be at Disch-Falk.
  14. Tank

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    God Speed and God Bless
  15. hornFANtastic

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    I will include your family in my prayers and pray for a safe return of you daughter. God bless.
  16. fjbfour

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    I have also posted this at HuskerPedia. I don't know if it will help much, but it certainly cannot hurt. God bless, and you have our prayers.
  17. ScurryRG

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    We are praying for you and your sweet little daughter. May the Lord God answer our prayers; may He give you peace until she is found.
  18. Showtime

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    I'm praying for you. Hang in there.
  19. Bierman

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  20. flaco

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    Still praying.
  21. MotherRussia

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    Good luck!
  22. red_zone

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    Prayers , bro. I hope she is returned safely.
  23. Bierman

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    Hey dude I posted about 20 pinups around Fort Worth at all the Community Centers(recs)...I work as a program director at one..We have lots of kids come through (5000-6000 daily) . Thought someone might recognize her....Good luck
  24. BurntO

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    I just emailed your link to everyone in my address book. I asked them to all do the same.

  25. 4TXHORN

    4TXHORN First Time Poster

    My prayer to the little child as well. My question however is what's the chance of the mother actually protecting her child from being hurt by the father? I hope the authority can sort this all out and bring peace to the little child.

  26. LonghornGirlie

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    4TXHORN, you are right to have questions regarding the father's authenticity. If you check out the web page he's put together at Find Sabrina, you'll find references to state and federal agencies that you can call to verify his information.
  27. TrashMaster G

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    4TXHORN - You may be right to have questions, and follw-up if you want. I can personally vouch for Greg, however. The problem here is the little girl's mother, period. She is mentally unbalanced and needs to be found.
  28. Uninformed

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    I have forwarded the info to several friends in New Mexico.
  29. ClearenceMumford

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    I have forwarded this to my dad's ex g/f she has a huge address book with people all over the country. Hope it helps.
  30. Bevoette

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    Every time I see those photos I start to cry.
    I have a 7 yr old girl and 13 yr old boy and I pray everyday that no harm comes to them.
    This one of a parents worst nightmares and I will continue to pray for Sabrina's safe return to you her daddy. Best of luck on your benefit.

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