Urban has Florida students race 40yd for a scholarship

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Hagy, Apr 14, 2008.

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    this is old stuff.
  3. Ampoliros

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    Of course, the article was totally useless, as they didn't list the time of the student who got beaten in the finals. Lame
  4. Texas Taps

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    Why should they get a chance at a scholarship just because they can run? Did they overcome some disability? Do they only have one leg? Shouldn't students that run to catch the shuttle every day get recognition? Help me understand, seriously.
  5. scottsins

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    Taps, running fast is an athletic talent, which he is rewarding with a scholarship.

    what the f**k does overcoming a disability have to do with anything?
  6. CadetHorn

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    I get it Taps
  7. Texas Taps

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    Why can't everybody get a scholarship?
  9. Hagy

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    Everyone awarded a football scholarship gets a pinkie ring and matching ankle bracelet. Plus, they get a gold star and a smiley face on all of the papers they turn in on time to show how special they are.

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