Urban Meyer Blames QB

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by NRHorn, Sep 10, 2017.

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    Quoth the hypocrite following a beat down at the shoe-
    COACH MEYER: "Well, the starting quarterback and you lost. We didn't play very well. A lot of it is going to be on him. But a lot of it, until I watch the tape, that's just the nature of the beast."
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    Hypocrite douche.

    I will say, however, his correct douchey comments about Herman last week were probably good for Herman and the Horns to hear. Maybe some chip on the shoulder stuff.

    In the end, F Meyer and the entire tOSU fan base. I'm still pissed at the way they acted and treated us in 2005. Yes, I am half Sicilian. I don't forget stuff.
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  4. ViperHorn

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    That quote should not surprise anyone in this (or any) universe. Meyer was, is and will always be a douche.
  5. X Misn Tx

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    I guess, in Urban's mind, he can throw his quarterback under the bus and blame his quarterback for the whole game, because that is HIS player? If you don't call them someone else's players, you're free to throw them under the bus because you've taken responsibility for them as your players? Lol
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  6. Galvestonhorn

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    Another pasting like last night and it might be time for another leave of absence due to acid reflux and headaches for the chickenshit.
  7. VYFan

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    I need to hear that to appreciate fully how obnoxious it is. Hypocritical indeed.
  8. giveemhell

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    I just circled 9/17/22 on my calendar, but I can almost guarantee Tom Herman beat me to it by a couple of days. I just hope Urban Meyer is still head coach for that game, but I have a feeling Harbaugh is going to cause the "heart palpitations" before then...
  9. bystander

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    He's an ******* and all about himself. I'd also have to say that he might start feeling some heat after the Clemson and OU games. OSU was pretty well slapped around in both.
  10. LonghornCatholic

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    And his commits insinuating Herman threw his players under the bus by blaming them for the loss were ridiculous in their absurdity.

    Shame on those who fell for it.
  11. LtSwtCrude

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    Cowherd last week flipped off Meyer's perception of Herman and said it's likely more about behind-the-door tiffs over recruiting.

    Meyer's got Harbaugh to deal with in conference, and dog fights with Herman for top players from Texas he no longer can command. Now, if Herman gets through 2017 in not-so-terrible fashion and can hang up a few top wins.

    That tepid showing against OU is going to stick in Meyer's craw. His team looked foolish. His prized QB from Wichita Falls did not perform in a well-coached, well-prepared offense. Whose fault is that? The players? Meyer made a mistake playing a perception game. Then looked like a coach losing his touch in a prime time important game.
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  12. Galvestonhorn

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    you're right LC...Like I said, in a couple of years that will be an interesting thread to pull back up. Fact is, Tom Herman was 100% accurate in that comment.

    I felt all along this was going to be rough spot for Texas this year. And it aint over. But the guy absolutely and totally knows what he's doing. What was the score of the UH vs OU game last year? Almost the same roster for OU.

    And remember the billbaord from Saban's first year at Alabama after the Louisiana Monroe game? Tide Rolled? 4 mm a year Satan?
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  13. Grant404

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    I saw that press conference and the quote in the OP is incomplete and out of context. In reality, a couple of the reporters gave him the opportunity to lay the blame on Barrett and Meyer did not take the bait.

    In fact, if you listen to the entire quote you'll find that he said the opposite of what is represented in the OP. Meyer said he had some ideas about the problems with the passing game, but he’s not going to share it with the media. He said J.T. Barrett is the starting quarterback and a lot of the struggles are on him, but “I’m never gonna point the finger at the quarterback.” Meyer said all three phases of the passing game need to improve — passing, blocking, catching. OU basically dropped into coverage all game long, which made it difficult to throw the ball. Meyer said he was not happy with the way the offensive play calling went, that it was “Just not getting into a flow.” In response to a question, Meyer said he will not consider a quarterback change. “Let me watch the film first” before putting too much blame on any one area. “Let me just digest it. I feel the pressure.” “We’ve got to get the damn thing fixed.”

  14. giveemhell

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    Hmm, I’m not so sure. I watched your clip several times and here is the exact quote (as near as I can tell, because Urban was clearly suicidal during this presser and mumbling and hard to understand as the “heart palpitation” drugs kicked in):

    “He’s the starting quarterback and he lost…we didn’t play very well, a lot of it’s going be on him, but a lot of it’s…until I watch the tape, you know, that’s just the nature of the beast…”

    So after pointing the finger at the quarterback (see above), he said “I’ve been here, I think 6 years now, I’m never going to point the finger at a quarterback….”. Haha, what a douche...
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  15. NRHorn

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    Wow hope the weather is good in Colombus for you.
    2 things-
    Meyer took Hermans comments out of context. I have no ill will for your coach, but no doubt your boy did exactly what you wrongfully excuse me of.
    The clip supports exactly what I posted.Meyer specifically said what I wrote.
    You simply left out the sentence where Big Boy blamed his QB. That my friend, just happened and skipping it-well I'll just say nice try.
    Hoping TX recruits sees this sheep in wolves clothing for what he is.
    Stay warm and here's hoping your QB gets better so THE Ohio state can win, "a lot of it is on him". Right?
    Oh wait, I forgot Meyer didn't say that, I made that up.
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  16. bystander

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    The good news is that Meyer has now decisively lost two games in a row.
  17. NRHorn

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    Time to spend more time with the family, or am I misquoting Urban again.
  18. X Misn Tx

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    Lol that's like saying, "no offense" at the end of an insult.

    Saying you "don't point fingers at the quarterback" doesn't negate that you just did.
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  19. Grant404

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    That's an oddly muddled response on several levels. Believe what you will, but your comments show a willingness to jump to conclusions rooted in emotional investment (aka confirmation bias) and baseless assumptions. "Your coach"? "Your boy"? "Your QB"? "Colombus"(sic)? I didn't "wrongly excuse(?)" you of anything. You posted an isolated and thus out of context portion of a response to a question without quoting the question itself or what else was said, and you're still ignoring or missing the context willfully or otherwise.

    In reality, since I posted a link to the entire press conference, I "left out" nothing. If for some odd reason I was actually attempting to conceal what was asked and said, posting a link to the press conference would have been a strange thing to do. You and anyone else are free to watch the whole thing and interpret it as you chose, which you have obviously done.

    Not that it would reason you out of a position you didn't arrive at by reason in the first place, but what isn't specifically stated (but is certainly implied) in the press conference video is a backstory context to some of the questions, and of which you seem unaware. For anyone truly trying to understand context, an open mind, the ability to read between the lines, and a willingness to recognize and accept that perhaps there is more to the story than meets the eye are all quite helpful.
  20. ViperHorn

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    Did we ever get a number for the couches burned after the game?
  21. NRHorn

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    If I'm in need of attorney, I'll look you up.
    Lemme unmuddle it.
    You have posted on two sports topics in your very short tenure here- both defend The Ohio st university. One for the bucks singing the fight song in Norman and this one. I'm guessing you are a Buckeye based on that. All the things going on with UT and your only posts defend Buckeye Nation??
    Hence the your boy, your QB references, Columbus.
    What's odd is that you left out and continue to leave out Urbans "it's on him" comment.
    Meyer needs to sleep in the bed he made.
    Peace brother

    You need to send that well written post to Urban, he could have used your advice before he spoke about fairy dust. (Urban even got what Tom said wrong by saying Pixie Dust)

    I digress: and please, your honor gimme some leadway, that reporters question was silly long
    Long winded reporter 'how do you evaluate JT, do you put any of this on him?'
    Geez, sounds like whistle britches is blaming young JT to these ears.
    Excuse the caps, I don't want to go back and fix it- plus getting the evil eye from wife.
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  22. bystander

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    As an aside... has Beck been exonerated as the story out of Columbus focuses on the problems of the offense?


    “I think it’s probably more the offense than the quarterback,” said a veteran coach who studied the Buckeyes intensely this offseason. “I like J.T. and think he’s a capable athlete. The offense is hindering his ability to excel. It’s more of the offense than the player, in my opinion.”

    Who owns the offense? Urban?
  23. yelladawgdem

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    I would think our biggest interest in that game is that OU has now played defense in 2 consecutive games for the first time in 5 years.
  24. madcow

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    Hate to say it but right now ousux is playing as well as anybody ... it's gonna suck if Lincoln turns out to be a good HC for them. He's way out coached Herman in 2017 ... small sample size I know ... just sayin'
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  25. SabreHorn

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    That's because Ruffin is running the defense this year.
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