Urban Meyer is completely back

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by mstrat, Jan 24, 2010.

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    I never believed him to begin with.
  3. longtex

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    I'm shocked, really. And just in time for signing recruits, too. Will wonders never cease?
  4. Aragorn

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    So what ever happened to the stuff about putting his family first and caring more about being a dad than being a coach? Was all of that not true?
  5. pjohnson

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    My baloney has a first name, it's Urban
    My baloney has a second name, it's Meyer

    He should change his first name to Oscar.
  6. ProdigalHorn

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    This is a joke, this leave of absence.
  7. l00p

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    Now I want the dude to be sick, really, really sick.
  8. Chalupa72

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    Didn't take long did it?
  9. Texas Wahoo

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    Just so that I'm clear, did he take a leave of absence and decide to come back now (after a couple of weeks), or did he say he was going to take a leave of absence and change his mind before starting it? Thanks.
  10. l00p

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    First he was going to quit completely.

    Then he was taking a year or so off which then turned into a leave of absence.

    Then he would be gone a year.

    Then a leave and be back next season.

    Now the leave is over, just in time for recruiting season and staying in the limelight.
  11. general35

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    espn can now do a story on his competitiveness and bravery.
  12. salonghorn-70

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    Maybe Tebow healed him.
  13. sylvester

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    I think he was going to retire.... BUT.... it turned out the paternity test proved it was John Edwards kid.
  14. orangecat

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    a day and a half? Seriously? You mean he never took two weeks off after signing day before spring practice in years past? He's gotta be borderline nuts.

    I thought that was what kept these high level coaches from going to the NFL. After signing day, it's easy for however many weeks, then spring practice, then probably just 40 hour weeks until July, then start puttting in the major hours planning the fall workouts, ramp it up to the 80+ in from August until Jan.
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    Y'all ever seen the movie Dave?
  16. AustinBat

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    He wanted to keep attention on the Gators, so they came up with this plan, guess he couldn't make it work more than a day, and now, not even till spring break, what a fraud.
  18. Bill in Sinton

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    Urban Meyer may be the Brett Favre of college football coaching. [​IMG]
  19. Bevo-Stevo

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    What an amazing recovery. Name and number of his doctor? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. longtex

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    This would seem like an opportune time for the introduction to the general public of the near-magical substance Coach Meyer has been using to bring about this unbelievably dramatic health benefit...

    "Hi, my name is Urban Meyer, and I coach the Florida Gators.

    Just a short time ago, I was in such terrible shape that I had a major health failure after a - quite literally - heart-breaking loss by my team in the South Eastern Conference championship football game. It may be that my poor health was actually the cause for that loss, as it infected my ability to think and plan well enough to bring our team to victory.

    After being rushed to the hospital, I recovered, but only a little. Frankly, I thought my career was over, and I told everyone that I was too sick to continue. coaching, and would have to step down to try to recover my health...

    And that's when Tim Tebow, the greatest college football player of all time, whom it had been by great good fortune to coach, and whose Heisman Trophy and National Championship performances had brightened so many lives and saved so many from hunger and poverty... that's when Tim introduced me to

    R O T A G

    a fantastic new health tonic, conceived and created immaculately by certain South American tribesmen who had been converted from their pagan religions to a glowing Christianity and whose knowledge of the wonderful and abundant tropical plant storehouse of God's gifts had shown missionary medics the way to perfect heart health.

    R O T A G

    It's like Viagra... for your heart!

    Trust me, I'm Urban Meyer, Coach of the Florida Gators. A few weeks ago, I was unconscious on my bedroom floor, and now I'm raring to go - time to sign up another bumper crop of great young men.

    Let's Go, Gators! Oops, I mean,

    R O T A G ! ! !"
  21. orangecat

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    I guess his plan worked because there sure was a lot of attention on Florida during a time when there should have been none. But at what price? He practically lost his daughter, just for a couple of weeks of attention. "got my daddy back" lasted 2 days? Kharma's coming back someday.

    Kind of like the joke I heard the other day about Jerry Jones, Jerry actually did say something to the effect of "I made a deal with the man upstairs to get the 3rd Super Bowl, and am trying to renegotiate to get another".

    So Craig Miller's joke was "man upstairs or man downstairs?"
  22. mandingo

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    So I wonder what the REAL story is behind all this ****.

    Something just doesn't smell right.
  23. longtex

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    R O T A G is a bad name.

    How about...

    G A T O R - A I D S

    "Hi folks, I'm Urban Meyer, and I coach the Florida Gators. Just a short time ago, I was at Death's door, but now I'm back, and better than ever!

    G A T O R - A I D S

    sure put this Florida Gator back on track.

    G A T O R - A I D S

    makes you feel like a new man... and with Timmy gone, we're sure gonna need one!"

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    Wonder how his family feels about this? [​IMG]

    UTFAN4EVER 250+ Posts

    Just once again and for the record.......Thank you Mack for being the real deal!! [​IMG]
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