Urban Meyer put on paid leave

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Aug 1, 2018.

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    He could get fired.


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  3. Joe Fan

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    More details here if you want to catch up

  4. Dionysus

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    very interesting !
  6. Joe Fan

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    Paging Garrett Wilson -- let us let bygones be bygones
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  7. I_Dont_Exist

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    As hard as it for me to believe Meyer may really be screwed here. Bob Stoops on speed dial.
  8. easy

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    I wonder if he has any of that pixie dust he spoke of early last season because he sure could use some now
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  9. SabreHorn

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    Or in keeping with the history of Ohio State finding the worst piece of **** available, Bo Pelini is over in Youngstown.
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    They could hire Art Briles and he could get Bo Pelini and Bob Stoops as coordinators or assistant HCs
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  11. Badass

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    Wow ... I am actually shocked that oH State acted so swiftly to distance themselves.

    What I heard on radio today was the wives had texts that said Urban was not sure how to handle this ...

    Sabrehorn warned them ...
  12. SabreHorn

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    I wouldn't do that to Bob Stoops, but Todd Graham would make an excellent replacement in with the other two.
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  13. Joe Fan

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    Go for Barry

  14. SabreHorn

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    Barry's morals are too high for Ohio State; plus he doesn't need the money or the headaches.
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  15. Joe Fan

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  16. easy

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    The internet is cruel but funny
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  17. Driver 8

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    "Administrative leave" = negotiating the terms of his dismissal
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  18. I_Dont_Exist

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    Stoops vs. Pellini equals textbook example of no brainer.
  19. easy

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    Text messages that urban and his wife knew yeah he gone

  20. X Misn Tx

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    honestly, i hope that anyone who experienced real abuse at someone else's hand is vindicated and protected.

    confession...this was my first thought when I saw the McMurphy report this morning
  21. X Misn Tx

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    i'm a stickler for the law on abuse/protecting victims. but, as a former professional therapist, i do understand the "they were a young couple" comment. As long as Coach Meyer went through the appropriate channels, that's the key.
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  22. Badass

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    That’s just more bad pub for Pappa Johns, they can’t get a break lol. Why couldn’t it have been Pizza Hut they are saying lol
  23. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I too am totally shocked OSU is taking a stand and possibly terminating a contract over whether coach told a lie or not. Maybe honesty is part of his contract? I mean, this is awfully quick judgement.
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  24. LonghornDave

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    This is really bad. I suspect tOSU has no choice. Meyer is done and so is tOSU.
  25. 4th_floor

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    That would be terrible. Poor, poor Urban.
  26. Dionysus

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    I didn’t copy it but there was a clause in his contract posted on Twitter, specifically about Title IX violations and reporting them. So if the allegations are true tOSU would have no choice but to enforce the terms.
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  27. Buck-Horn

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    This sexual abuse thing has become a virus....hidden in your dna & then one day it appears like a massive body rash. I’m not defending this behavior in any way. But, I think we’re going to see this disease play out for some time. Along with mass murder & cop killing, it’s become a modern day stain on this country. God forbid Herman has some skeletons in his closet!
  28. Dionysus

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    Here are the relevant contract bits I found on Twitter.

    meyer1.jpg meyer2.jpg meyer3.jpg
  29. Htown77

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    "Back in 2009 in Gainesville, Courtney Smith needed help. She was a frightened, battered 24-year old newlywed with nowhere to turn. She was convinced by Urban Meyer’s top confidant and future “special assistant to the head coach” that there was too much at risk to press charges against Zach.

    In Ohio, she found herself in a similar situation. Courtney said she called 911 “a handful of times” over the years but didn’t always pursue charges.

    “I hung up out of fear because I was scared Zach would lose his job,” Courtney said.

    Urban Meyer's "top confidant and future "special assistant to the head coach"" was also the accused's grandfather. It seems like the grandfather would get involved at the behest of his grandson, not uninvolved urban meyer.

    If she does not file charges, and the employee denies it, what is Urban Meyer supposed to do? What is any boss supposed to do?

    Title IX says report it, but if a police report has been filed and then charges are not pressed for something off campus unrelated to work, why the hell should a university investigate? They are not a police force.

    "Despite Zach never having been convicted of any charges, on July 20, Delaware County court of pleas magistrate David J. Laughlin issued a domestic violence civil protection order against Zach.

    Laughlin’s ruling said: “the court finds that (Courtney Smith) is in immediate and present danger of domestic violence and for good cause the following temporary orders are necessary to protect the persons named (Courtney Smith and her children Cameron, 8, and Quinn, 6) in this order from domestic violence.”

    Bradley Koffel, Zach Smith’s attorney, dismissed the domestic violence allegations and the recently issued five-year domestic violence civil protection order against Zach.

    Okay, so when a protection order was filed, Urban fired him. All of this is pending in the courts. If Zach Smith is ultimately found not guilty, Urban could have opened himself up to libel charges had he told the media "zach's wife claimed to my wife she was abused." That is spreading a rumor Urban Meyer had no way of knowing if it was accurate. None of this is happening on campus. This is all happening at an employee's home, the police are investigating, but after no charges are being filed.

    I do not like Urban Meyer or Ohio State. I think anyone that abuses their wife is a no good SOB that should face the full force of the law. However, I also believe in innocent until proven guilty. I also do not think a football coach nor a university nor a boss should be responsible for an employee's domestic situation away from work when the police have been notified and the adult victim is refusing to file charges.

    If this grown, adult woman contacted the police, then she had access to help, far better help than Urban Meyer or a university administrator. If she refused to press charges and the employee denied it, I am not sure Urban Meyer or an educational institution should be investigating or firing anyone just because his wife was told something that he and she did not know was true or not. If Title IX says Ohio State should have investigated even though this adult woman refused to press charges, Title IX needs to be reformed. This whole thing seems like a hack job against Urban Meyer. This is not remotely the same thing as JoePa or even Briles.

    I am happy to revise my opinion if more information comes to light, but based on this, I am not sure what exactly Urban Meyer did wrong. Sorry, but if Title IX wants universities to get involved where a police report has been filed and the woman has refused to file charges, that is dumb and unjust.

    However, this seems like a hack job assigning Meyer responsibility for something he should not be responsible for, and the lynch mob is all too gleefully joining in. I see a lot of responsible parties in this, but Meyer is a reach.

    If your relationship with your spouse soured, and your spouse texted your boss's spouse accusing you of abuse, would you want your boss and company to start investigating and fire you on the accusation alone? Or would you want the police to handle it? If you are the boss, do you want to handle that or would you rather the police? Would you fire an employee based on something his wife texted your wife alone? If your employee denied it, would you fire him without even charges filed?

    Title IX is in need of serious reform.

    I am all for justice meted out to domestic abusers, but such matters needed to be handled by the justice system, which is far better equipped to handle it and includes due process as opposed to a university administrator or a football coach. Also we need to do a better of job of teaching girls from a young age to go to the police if they are abused by a domestic partner. If our justice system is failing in this matter, it should be reformed, not universities.
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  30. bystander

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    I think the allegations are domestic violence and not sexual abuse.

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