Urban Meyer put on paid leave

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Aug 1, 2018.

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    I read that thing. All I can say is DAMN. But my friends, while I have taken Courtney's side up to this point I will say this; women being scorned and their reaction is no joke. I have posted this before; I left my ex due to excessive control and tension and she has filed appeals with the appellate court (denied) and now the Supreme Court of Texas to have me declared her husband for life based upon religious grounds. It's unbelievable how obsessed she is to keep me stressed out over leaving her. Her entire family is on my side. This sort of thing is real and can happen. Luckily it's just religious zealotry and not accusations of abuse. But I can tell you this; I know what it is like to have a woman scream and provoke you by grabbing you or throwing a glass at you and you have to think fast and get out of there. I can believe someone with a drinking problem and insane jealousy (even if he did cheat on her there is only so much a person should do; my first wife had an affair and left me for another man. I let it go) could act this way.

    But why hasn't anyone charged Courtney with some sort of charge of false accusation?
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    Should have googled it first. She is Courtney 's mom. My mistake.
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    Wrong again. Lynn Bruce Zach's mom. Courtney mom Tina Carano. Both do refute her story.
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    Below are the quotes from her own mother. Not paraphrasing and not coming from second hand quotes. It's right in the article linked.

    "Reached this afternoon, Tina Carano would only communicate via text messages and backed Lynn Bruce’s version.
    When asked if she believed her daughter’s claims of physical abuse, she replied, “I believe that Zach was removing himself from an argument and I do not believe he intentionally abused her. I do not believe he actually intentionally swung or punched her … no.”
    As far as ever hearing her daughter say she would “take Zach down,” she replied, “Yes.”"
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    Why did Urban fire Zach if he didn’t believe her, Shelley didn’t believe her, mom didn’t believe her, father in law didn’t believe her, popo didn’t believe her, Htown didn’t believe her :smile1:? This whole thing is crazy.
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    A cynic would say " a whole lot of money being spread around by somebody".

    This has gone from unbelievable to totally bizarre.
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    Actually, neither courtney’s nor zach smith’s mom’s story have been verified. No one should rush to judgment or pick a side. Again, we have both sides innocent until proven guilty on both sides (either that Urban enabled an abuser or that courtney is making false accusations) UNTIL SOMEONE ACTUALLY PROVES SOMETHING!

    I will also note both the primary journalist, McMurphy and this ohio state writer, are biased and are presenting biased pieces. This is exactly why I ranted about how we need to say no to believing any accusation, rushing to judgment and letting the court of public opinion decide things. It is has never been good in any society in history.

    Now, my speculation as to why Urban fired Zach Smith, why Urban lied and why Zach Smith is still defending Urban (assuming the Courtney Smith lied story is true and I REITERATE WE DO NOT KNOW THAT YET) is as follows:
    1. Urban, regardless of how much he knew, believed the Zach Smith marriage to be a total diaster, believed Zach Smith had not actually abused anyone and held on to him as long as possible.
    2. When Zach Smith’s problems with his ex continued to escalate, Zach may have agreed to be let go over embarrassment from his failed marriage and not wanting it to drag a football program and people he cared about down, especially in the “rush to judgment/assume the worst scandal” enviroment.
    3. Urban still gave a bad answer, but did not want to comment on a disasterous marriage situation he may have assumed the parties did not want being analyzed by the public. It had already cost Zach Smith his job. Why make it worse with the media?

    ^ this scenario is plausible. Did it happen? I do not know.

    I do still think, even if the worst about Zach Smith and Urban Meyer are true, that it has been totally irresponsible for the media to rush to judgment and brand them monsters (aka throwing stones) without remotely fact checking, verifying anything or even trying to get stories from all sides. This has been a terrible case of yellow journalism regardless of what the truth turns out to be.

    Also, if Zach Smith turns out to be totally innocent (we do not know that), we need to reexamine our society where innocent people get fired over “things be ugly” rather finding the truth and acting on that.

    People wonder why the media is so unpopular nowadays. They seem to rush to tell a story without fact checking constantly, much more so than decades past. For the reverse, see Manti Teo’s “dead” girlfriend. That story went for months before being fact checked.
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    One possible answer is the obscene pressure that inevitably comes from all sides forcing one to batton down the hatches and prepare for the usual onslaught that comes these days from media and various interest groups (and the public) who seek to rush to judgement on matters like these and others...hungry for blood and ready for the kill. It makes it difficult for those potentially in the crosshairs to decide what to do. Sometimes a person's actions taken in defense can produce the perception of guilt when in fact they are innocent but just aware of how things go these days - and feel they must do something. Their hand is forced. It seems these days often we see an injustice, rather than produce justice, beget more injustice. Hysteria rules.
    And I have a theory about the masses hungry for blood these days...no matter the subject...It is a reflection of our own guilt and inner unrest about ourselves that makes us so quick to want to see others punished for their "sins".
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    It is my understanding Zach was ultimately fired for breaking a restraining order.
    He was supposed to meet at neutral sight to pick up/drop off kids and showed up at Courtney's apartment.
    He had done this before and had already been warned by authorities.
    This is pretty much what started this whole thing.
    Why was Zach being such a dumbass and breaking the restraining order?
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    “As far as the May 12 incident which ultimately led to Smith’s firing, the couple argued over the location in which he was supposed to drop off their son. Lynn Bruce was with Zach and grandson at the time, hosting a party of more than 100 people. Her birthday was the following day, May 13. “She was calling and demanding he bring Cameron back immediately,” Bruce recalled. “If he didn’t, she said she would call the police and claim he kidnapped him. So he drove him to the clubhouse of where she lived as she had told him to do. She wasn’t there. So then he drove the short distance to her driveway, and planned to drop him off at the edge of the driveway. When he pulled up, she was standing there with a camera, taking pictures.” Courtney Smith then called the Powell police, who issued a criminal trespass citation, a misdemeanor, to Zach Smith. Zach Smith then called the Powell police and in a tape of the call I recently received, he asked, “I was calling because I am divorced. My ex-wife likes to call the Powell police a lot. I need to find out if there is anything (filed) with the Powell police that restricts me from going anyway near her residence?” The officer responds, “Have you been served with any sort of protection order?” Smith answers, “No sir. I have been served with nothing.” The officer then says, “OK, then there is nothing that says you have to stay a certain amount of feet away from her residence or work or anything like that. That is not something we would know until we run your social (security number) and driver’s license to see if anything pops up.” When Smith thanked the officer, the officer responded, “I can relate more than you would know, believe me!” Smith then called his lawyer, who confirmed there was no protection order in place. He has pleaded not guilty on June 5 and the case is yet resolved.”

    ^ @moondog_LFZ here is their claims regarding the restraining order. That does not entirely add up to me. Like I said though, it would be nice if someone would actually look into and try to verify what exactly happened. I have seen conflicting accounts in different articles.
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    Actually, what would be nice is if the whole nation stopped being so fascinated by the sordid, tawdry details of this couple's post marital troubles.

    I'm pretty sick of all the gossip and innuendo. Am I the only one?
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    I’m with Htown, things just don’t add up. On all sides.
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    Did anyone else hear patriotic music while reading this?
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    Within the MSM, that's the only kind of "journalism" they practice anymore.
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    No one is addressing the question of why, when Meyer knew about the situation in Florida, did he hire him back in Columbus.

    McLennan County part two, except this time nobody died. No, I am not talking basketball.
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    Wow, what a CF. I feel for everyone in this.

    I still thought the issue with Meyer is making sure he went through the appropriate/required procedures. There's no reason vilify him, even if he's found to have been irresponsible in his reporting. He might lose his job, but that doesn't make him JoePa.

    Having gone through multiple employment investigations in my life, as an employer, as the management part of an investigation, and being investigated myself, I've learned a few things...
    1) Procedures are in place to govern a fair process. They must be followed according to the policy. You need to be very knowledgeable about the policy.
    2) While the purpose is not a witch hunt, it can create more problems than it solves.
    3) I've been a part where there was some wrongdoing and the company was balanced and measured in its subsequent actions. I've been a part of some where there was little to nothing, and the company went the road of least resistance. It takes good leadership to follow the procedures and respond with reason and wisdom.
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    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....sorry if I'm repeating someone else's statement, then I'd just say "ditto"....
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    My prediction is that Meyer will be reinstated, and sooner rather than later. Ohio State will not allow a few “inconvenient truths” or inconsistencies get in the way of their meal ticket. It’s too bad but the cover up has been underway for better than a week now. The culture there doesn’t give a crapola about anything but winning.

    It nauseates me but then again, so did OU’s handling of Mixon, everything about the Cesspool on the Brazos, and so on.
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    Duke, I haven't followed your posts on this issue, but what if there was a mole hill and not a mountain behind this? I get that "we" could benefit (perhaps) in recruiting if Urban takes a hit or loses his job, but I don't get the (almost) yearning for all of it to be true. I know of people that say "anytime a woman makes an allegation you have to believe her", but wince at the uncontrollable power of that premise. Can't recollect exact details, but some hs football player in Alabama? went to prison for several years after a hs girl swore he raped her. Years after conviction, she actually came forward and said she made it all up (it got him released)....whoever investigates this sort of thing has to balance compassion with some common sense/sense of reality. It's seems an impossible task in the he said/she said realm. Kobe Bryant situation comes to mind...…and didn't our receivers get kicked out over an allegation of assault that ended up being thrown out of court and they were exonerated? In this day and age of social media/justice, it would perhaps behoove many of us not to rush to judgement and let the process work...then respect the decision and move on....
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    Zuck, I’m looking at the preponderance of available information, and Meyer’s history, and not just in this case. To believe that this is “much ado about nothing,” one has to virtually ignore Meyer’s time at Florida and all of the issues, discount the 2009 incident, forget that he retired “due to stress and to be with his family” and then apparently wasn’t, ignore the 2015 incident, discount the texts, ignore the photos, assume that Courtney Smith was fabricating her story and lying in the interview... Need I continue?

    If Meyer is not culpable, I have a bridge to sell someone.
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    Just when I was getting bored with this story, the plot twist. Lol. :popcorn:
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    If this is true, Herman will have an interesting time answering why he waited until now. Don’t all coaches fall under the Title IX requirement to report all knowledge of abuse?
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    Well that didn’t take long ...
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    I don’t even think real Ohio state fans believed this junk. If that shook guy really is a beat writer they should block his credentials
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    Agree with you easy. Ohio State fans have lost their marbles if they believe this
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    I've spent a lot of time in Columbus, including the 2005 game. Trust me when I say most of their fans have no marbles to begin with.
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    Correct, but should they ever get any, the males have plenty of room to store them in their gut, and the females in their ***.
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