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    Well, suffered through another night of Shanka Ball. Came away with an impressive victory over that Perennial power from tobacco road , High point. Our crew called them one of the worst teams in division one and were missing their best player. The first half was typical Shanka ball, ugly. Late in the first, Texas was up by only 3.

    Stats look OK Coleman HAD assists tonight, 8 without a turn over, but they were High Point. Coleman played very well. Oh by the way, final was 89 57, but they were High Point.

    Liddell did finally came of the bench but still manged to get in 4 fouls.

    Sims played well again.

    Horns were 55% overall and 44% from 3. Febres was 4 of 6 from three. Only shot 53% from the line.

    Of note, besides Liddell coming of the bench, so did Ramey. Hepa replace Lidell and was 3 of 8 from the field and 1 of 5 from 3, but it was High Point. Ramey's numbers were good 6 of 8 and 1 of 2. A. Jones started in place of Ramey.
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    Well, I have to agree with the thrust of your analysis. This was High Point.

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