USF at Texas, Friday, 6:00 PM

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, Dec 2, 2022.

  1. STHAustin

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    No questions about Taylor Jones status or the fact that Sonya sat on the bench so long?
  2. Sangre Naranjada

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    Did you expect any?

    Taylor's back was probably in play but just didn't get asked. But a question about rotations and playing time? Verboten.
  3. STHAustin

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    Sorry, just wondering if Sonya was experiencing back problems again.
  4. Born in ATX

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    Danny Davis was covering the VB game, so Ced Golden had WBB duty Friday nite. Ced obviously failed miserably.
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  5. Sangre Naranjada

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    My comment was aimed at the local press and their reluctance to question UT coaches harshly, not at your question here. Apologies if you perceived differently.
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  6. Zig72

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    Paraphrasing a bit, but methinks this coach is sticking to his program.

    "It's a bump in the road...I hope it's not a big boulder. It doesn't keep us from any of our big goals ... The key is we have to learn...we have to learn, we have to correct, and we have to change. Change is hard...and getting past hard is hard."
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  7. hoopsalot

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    Change is hard…and getting past hard is hard. And I ain’t doing it (changing). The players can change. My way has worked with other players in the past by golly. It is going to work now with these players.:p I am on board with this. I had paper tickets for 25 years. I want paper tickets! How come I can’t call the women’s basketball department and ask about a bus trip to Baylor? What do you mean, you don’t take cash?
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  8. xdxmmxchxxl

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    Sonya took quite a few I’ll advised shots( she took a couple shots 5 seconds into the shot clock when we were struggling offensively 1H, including a turn around fade away off 1 leg) that is not Vics style of play. Get the ball inside when your offense is struggling. Sonya should know that by now being In Vics system. I’m not surprised one bit she sat most of the second half. He was disappointed in her. The matchup suited a more disciplined player, and that was Shaylee and Shay last night.

    He was stressing them to get the ball inside and I can’t really recall her doing that much at all. She got lost a couple times defensively, and Shaylee played great in both ends. The minutes should have gone to her over Sonya, with a better defensive 3 like Holle.
    Once the offense got rolling 2H we needed defense to step up and Holle is a better defender right now. I thought he did an excellent job rotationally and adjustment wise with the lineup 2H.

    We lost by leaving Puisis open for 3-4 threes in the first half. Having Rori face guard her in the 2H was a stellar coaching move by him, I wish he would’ve done it from the start but I understand you want Rori pressuring the ball up the court. But, having watched USF they break press no issue and we have struggled in our press. I understand why he didn’t have Rori doing that from the get go but when the opposition is shooting 45% from 3 and has made near tops in the country in 3’s this year you put your only face guard option on her. She is out only defensive option right now.

    Hopefully when we get to Taylor Robertson he has Rori face guard her and has another guard pressure the ball up the floor, on their PG(who is much less talented than the USF PG) otherwise Robertson will drain 6-8 threes on any other defender. We don’t have a JAT that can face guard an off ball sharp shooter, until someone improves it has to be Rori.

    Hopefully Vic can recognize this and put into motion moving forward. Sorry for the book I just feel really strongly about it.
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  9. Statalyzer

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    I'm just confused why our returning players all look like they took multiple steps backwards regarding athletic flow / instincts.

    You know when you see some talented person (tall, fast, jumps high, etc) in a rec center pickup game, and they're pretty good, but you start suspect they only recently learned the sport, or maybe they work out a lot and go running but don't play sports much - because they subtly just don't quite move around in the "right way"? That's what we resemble right now, to me, and I haven't felt like that in a long time about our team. It's a bit confusing.
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  10. Sangre Naranjada

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    That's a really good summary. Thanks.
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  11. brnkj

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    I'll say it again... you can't spend all the time preparing for a game and then not execute the plan. You've got to follow it and, if it doesn't work, that's on the coach. If you don't follow it that's on you. It creates confusion and havoc when other players are trying to execute what has been practiced, and you aren't. That's a big reason the offense looks out of sync -- in addition to our just not really having the skill set to be fully effective in that offensive plan (I'd like to see Vic make some adjustments there).
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  12. Bucksgal

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    Absolutely agree with your last statement. It is unfathomable to me that Vic would draw a line in the sand if his players totally don't have the required skills. He needs to develop a game plan that plays to their strengths.
  13. zztx1

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    We tend to start slow and that hurt us in this game and against any solid team. The fast breaks were a problem.

    We need to develop a consistent 3 point shooter. We have a couple who can do it, but getting it going in a game against a team with two players who can hit 3s is an issue.

    We had a chance to win, when we went ahead, but did not make the baskets.

    The other Big 12 teams are not playing tough competition for the most part this year. These games should help us. But right now we are not ready to play the best teams.
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