UT Cancels "Torch Light" Portion of Tonight's TX-OU Pep Rally

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by KBBAKER, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Detective Shilala

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    Seriously you don't see a difference between blue jeans and torches? And you're miffed about rainbows? Who's trying to stop you from wearing your fabulous rainbow **** man?

    So it is just a symbol but it can mean different things to different people. So it only means hexing OU to you, but its loaded with other meanings to other people, which yeah most of the country was happy to put behind us, until unfortunately white nationalists reminded everyone of with a racist torchlight march on another university's campus.

    I hope its only temporary and when the white nationalists dog's *** day in the sun is over, we can make it ours again.
  2. X Misn Tx

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    we're not even one year in to this yet. :(
  3. Detective Shilala

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    What would you call them?
  4. MudHorn

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    Moved to the West Mall
  5. Son of a Son

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    Eskimos could never survive two a days in August, could use a couple large Samoans to reinforce the OLine though. ;)
  6. Htown77

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    Their day is over. There are fewer white nationalists now than 30 years ago. Yet 30 years ago, people of all races saw torchlight parades and did not freak out.

    The biggest problem America faces today is not white nationalists but absurd overreactions to things. Trump is not a product of racism. Trump is a product of Americans on both sides overreacting to anything they see on the internet.
  7. Htown77

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    In 1970 the US population was 203 million.
    In 2010 the US population was 308 million.
    In 2017 the estimated US population is 325 million.

    There are 100 million more people in this country today than 1970 and yet there are fewer klansman, fewer white nationalists and there is less racism today than 1970.

    Sorry not trying to beat up on you at all DS, but your position that the white nationalists are having their day in the sun is accepted by a lot of people and i do not see any evidence of that. In fact, the 2010s, trump or no trump, have to be the least sun white nationalists have ever gotten.

    White nationalists have always had parades going back to the 1920s second klan, but despite the massive population increase, their numbers have dwindled. They are less of a problem today than yesterday and that trend is continuing. The klan has been around having rallies this entire time. I guess the left was not aware? Even the movie the Blue Brothers made fun of a nazi rally in the 70s. The difference is, klan rallies today have less attendance than yesterday. 1,000 racists (and 2,000 counter protesters) out of 325 million were at charlottesville. 30 years ago that number may have been 10,000.

    The only thing that can potentially save their dwindling numbers are people in power acting absurd, overreacting and doing things like banning tiki torches. I mean the proper way to stand up to racist fascism is not to adopt some sort of idiot fascism that lives in fear of fun tiki torch pep rallies.
  8. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    I think "internet brain" will soon become a recognized malady. Something akin to 'affluenza'. "It's not my fault, the internet made me do it."
  9. Detective Shilala

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    But there were many fine people at that rally!

    I am not even trying to imply that this is somehow standing up to fascism. I don't think anyone believes banning tiki torches is a solution to the issue. Just putting myself in the shoes of the administration. People are not always rational. Masses of people are never rational. Maybe its just wise to shelve the midnight torch rallies for a bit. That's all.
  10. ProdigalHorn

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    I feel like you may have touched on the issue there...
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  11. Brad Austin

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    The scary thing about universities like Cal and UT is this 1993 movie dramatically undershot their spoof on such an absurd future reality.

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  12. Crockett

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    Most black cattle are angus and full blood angus have no horns. I for one will never be so politically correct as to call for a polled longhorn.
  13. ProdigalHorn

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    Well he's been castrated, so that tends to make him a little more politically acceptable.
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  14. nashhorn

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    The lunacy of the torch decision is crazy but the report on the pep rally is disturbing. I would have expected more, particularly from Herman. BTHOOU!
  15. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    The more I think about it I don't think it was even near 400 people and most of the students were on their phones. In the day I felt like every Greek organization attended, but there was one fraternity which was interviewed on the news. The whole dang thing only lasted 15-20 minutes. I just can't express how disappointing this was. In the 90's the crowd was pretty crazy and would go back into the six pack, but this crowd didn't fill 1/3 the south mall area. Just sad.
  16. mb227

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    But this is the current generation that thought it was "Come Late...Leave Early...Tell People to Hold the Noise Down"
  17. ShAArk92

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    Because it’d be mistaken for an angus and then we’d simply be lost!



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