UT fans saying 'aggy' = AM fan saying 'tu'

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by TheFied, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Shhhh. Don't tell him that. It's the offseason and we need some cheap entertainment. And boy does this guy provide it.

    You can bait the hook with practically any old crap and he'll swallow it every time.
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    I've been here what...the last 2 days? On any given day, any time of year there are plenty of Aggie threads in the On the Field and In the Stands forums, not to mention the Classics forum on this HORN site. Don't let those facts get in the way of your pinning 'obsession' on me though.
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    When I start spending my spare time trolling over at TXaggy.com, you can call me obsessed. That was a great collection of quotes, however. All gems of prescient truth, much appreciated.
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    I really haven't been saying much until this moment about obsession, but whatever.

    At any rate, there are PLENTY of horns over on Texags.com anyway, so your presence isn't needed. There are more horns on that Aggie site than there are Aggies on this horns site, it's a fact. Some of you need to stay here anyway to man the Aggie threads.
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    This is what I find really funny:

    Agg(y/ies) call Tech, Tceh. Why? Here:

    (A blatant photoshop at the top left)

    Who were they playing at the game?

    Thats right, Texas (2004, We won 51-21). How do I know? I know the guy who took the original picture (the image here is cropped).
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    The Domino's pizza ad is fake, but the flag holders spelling T-C-E-H is NOT fake. Techies will even acknowledge that.

    To make it worse, last year the tceh athletic website had spelled athletics as athlethics until someone pointed it out and it was corrected. Not a photoshop either, if you went to the tech athletic website it was ACTUALLY misspelled at the top.
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    there is a difference between doing something on purpose, and doing something b/c you are incompetent.
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    You're obviously A&M's valedictorian or something and I congratulate you.

    I know you are only seeing what you want to see, that UT is the same kind of oddball cult that you have in College Station, but you are missing a few points.

    If someone here doesn't use "Aggy" (I rarely do), you don't have an immediate reaction from other Longhorns insisting that the term be used. Just like we don't assault strangers to campus who walk on sacred grass, we don't care that much about how other Texas fans pursue being Texas fans.

    Aggy is written with a twinkle in the eye, very similar to the TCEH reference y'all use for Tech. Aggy is not spit out or the mouth like tee yew or "that school in Austin." It's merely a joke to us, kind of like the way in which Aggies claim pride in what makes them so very different.

    Lastly, we're not identified by you as you are by us. We're the kinds of Texans that are pretty comfortable and content being who we are and don't worry too much about how we stack up to other people. We like irony and wit and aren't afraid to knock our university for its flaws. We don't spend our days constantly cheerleading and selling the institution of the University of Texas. The university doesn't need it and neither do we.

    We're a Texas kind of a place. Sadly, A&M is the anti-Texas kind of a place. Insecure, conformist, largely humorless and unaccepting of people who don't fit in perfectly. You can hear this difference in the way a hard core Aggie says "tee yew" and the way a Longhorn says "Aggy."

    You guys would fit in so much better in a backwoods town of the South instead of a backwoods town in Texas. Instead, your college is being changed slowly by young students who see the silliness of "old army." How alarming it must be that the future of your university looks a lot more like "tee yew" than Texas AMC. It's a shame so many old army Aggies are tone deaf to irony.
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    Spelling smack from aggy, gotta love it. Using Tceh and TU is just plain stupid because it does not mean anything. So what a few chearleaders ran out of order with the flags... big deal. It was funny at the time but now it is just dumb and I laugh at aggy when they use it. Kind of like how Tech fans immediately kick the occasional jack arse in the nuts when they use TU... that is just stupid.

    Again, using aggy is something to describe one or multiple people from that raving scientologist like cult. Face it, you guys are freaks.
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    aggy on this board was not in response to "tee you" traditions of A&M. Aggy was coined several years after this site came into being in response to the Borg like quality of the "Aggie" culture (i.e. group think and lack of individuality).
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    Sorry you don't understand ag. It really is pretty simple. Of course "aggy" is moronic; That's the point.

    Oh, and "that" nutgrabbing incident? Isn't that something those weird fucks do all the time?

    BTW, you are most definitely not diverse... at least not in the way you're using the word. This is also pretty simple.
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    Not so sure I WANT to understand.

    There is a pic that is thrown around sometimes from a few years back from a fb game that is referenced quite often, the nut grabbing stemmed from that.
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    It was in response to this:

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    Count me in with those who could care less about the term "aggy".

    Tropheus definitely has the history straight, if memory serves.

    A&M has a long storied history of traditions that both look and sound strange to people who are not aggies. I suspect it's these traditions that led outsiders to start telling aggie jokes.

    Hell, aggies even have a saying that touts this whole process. How does the saying go? "From the outside looking in, you can't explain it...."? Most aggies I know are aware of and even proud of the fact that they are "different".

    What makes you freaking guys different is that your weirdness is institutionalized. Yes, a lot of that is corp-related but it's not like your school or students have really moved on entirely from the culture that was established there pre-1970s.

    So Tech may have a penchant for misspelling words. You guys have your traditions. They are not mistakes. They are intentional. They are what separates you from the rest of us. Why are you on here trying to downplay your wierdness and seem more "normal"? You're not normal. You should just go with that. But don't be surprised when you get pigeonholed as one big collectively strange group of people, because "from the outside looking in," thats exactly what you are.

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