UT fans saying 'aggy' = AM fan saying 'tu'

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by TheFied, Mar 31, 2008.

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    you are worse off than i realized.

    there is a difference between a fan base using the "derogatory" terms, and univeristy officials using it. please find an example of the univeristy of texas officials referring to aggy as anything other than aggies. whereas $bill and other aggy officials love to refer to texas as t. u.

    as for the aggy thing. let me see if i can dumb this down far enough for you. aggy was coined as a parody to make fun of how stupid y'all are with t. u. and other examples of groupthink mentality.
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    All right, Ag Fan - a question.

    When YOU write "t.u." do you mean "the university?" If YOU are a proud and true Texan, you would never, ever do anything do disparage Texas, right?
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    I told you guys he's outstanding cheap entertainment!

    I also said he'll bite on every hook no matter what kind of crap you bait it with.

    Thank you AgFan, thank you very much.
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    Let he without communities of faculty and graduate students whose work questions the meaning of sexual identities, performances, discourses, practices and representations cast the first stone.
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    It's all about ratio, and it favors one school(UT) more than the other in regard to this particular group.
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    I don't have a lot to add to this except to say that Texas didn't have a Republican governor between the end of reconstruction and 1978 and that the Democrats held a majority in the Texas House and Senate from the 1870s to the 1990s. But, carry on with the whole "Texas is traditionally Republican" thing.
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    Texas is a democratic state. You all have cured my heathen ways and shown me the light. [backpeddle for RomaVicta]
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    So much for your conservative religions in b/cs:
    Friends Congregational Church - 979.693.7021 - United Church of Christ congregation. Open and affirming to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation

    Unitarian Universalist Fellowship - 979.696.5285 - non denominational worship. Welcomes people of all faiths regardless of sexual orientation

    St. Francis Episcopal Church - 979.696.1491 - open & affirming Episcopalian church on Rock Prairie Road

    St. Thomas Episcopal Church - 979.696.1726 - open & affirming Episcopalian church on George Bush Drive


    As far as your wife goes, if she were a large animal vet, I'm sure she'd run into plenty of gay aggy farmers
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    Recognizing their existence, allowing them into groups/congregations/clubs, putting the bare minimum amount of effort in their direction, does not equate to 'FRIENDLY' environment for them. Find me a ranking that has A&M(or BCS) on the friendly side cuz 4 churches isn't going to cut it. Good luck too.
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    I begin to think Ag is an imposter, a well done one. If so, nice job.

    If not, just another sad example of what's wrong with Aggy.
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    So Fied? Are calling us that use "aggy" aggy?
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    No, what's really going on is that aggy is trying to become what they think The University of Texas and Austin is
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