UT football -I don't care anymore

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Horn2Run, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Horn2Run

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    If the players don't care, why should I?

    If our coaches are stupid enough to run a no huddle offense with our defense tired from methodically marching down the field, why should I care?

    If the University is focused on the LHN and not making the games as widely distributed as other top programs, why should I care?

    Bell just scored again, it's 27-2......and I just don't care.

    Why? Because football isn't that big of a deal here anymore. It's a brand. Not a team of individuals who care about The University or anything else.

    Quitters may not even be an accurate description. These guys were never into being a top program to begin with.

    I've never had this attitude about the program before, I hope changes are made to where people can feel proud of the program again. We need people who give effort and can think
  2. arieshorn

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    On a side note. Welcome back Mike Stoops. Even after 8 years away from THIS game he still has our number.
  3. WilliamWallace

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    I was in school during the Akers years. I have sat through 50-7 against Baylor, *** kickings by UH, Rout 66, and multiple humiliations at the hands of the best college team money can buy. My maternal grandfather played for Clyde Littlefield back in the 30's and the first two things I can remember watching on television are the first lunar landing and the 1969 Arkansas game. I lived and died with this team for over 40 years.

    Today is just one too many. I'm done.
  4. 1leggedduck

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    I'm tired of missing out on great fishing weekends in the fall. I think I'm going to invest in some new gear and hit the jetties. I've invested far too much money and emotion into this embarassing mess. I've stuck around through some rough times, but this is all I can stomach for awhile.
  5. RW4

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    Thank God for hunting season...I'm not wasting any more time on UT football.
  6. nashhorn

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    This is a bandwagon I never, ever thought I would get on but after flying in from Nashville to very home game for years, sitting through the "eyes" at every game including the UCLA thrashing it is time to do the other things you can do in the Texas Falls. This, hurts worse than any others, can't explain why but it does.
  7. Hu_Fan

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    I can go all in with the Horns and can even take a loss if they just get outplayed by a better team -- but what I'm seeing on the field is a loss of perspective in even how to play the game given this much talent.

    Notice the difference in how Stanford played under Jim Harbaugh. And how the 49ers are now taking on a parity-driven league. That guy is not messing around with the game of football.

    I keep hearing that it all comes form the top. Erin Hogan calls it the DNA of the team that comes from the top. So maybe there is something to that. If Jim Harbaugh were the coach at Texas.... any doubt what the DNA of the team would be?

    Not even a question. It would strike terror in the rest of the conference.

    Royal knew that full well..."This game is played by angry young men."

    Right now, it's the fans who are angry young men.

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