UT President Fenves Sued

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Htown77, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Ding dong, the witch is gone! He was the worst and one of the most corrupt presidents in the history of the University. He wasted more money with bad decisions causing unnecessary litigation and continued to expand the already bloated administration at the expense of students (unreasonable tuition), their families (unreasonable tuition) and professors (cutting courses/TAs/other jobs).
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    Most, if not nearly all, rapes on campus do not occur at frat parties. The people who think they do have generally never been to a frat party. The biggest threat of rape on campus comes not from students, but from the homeless and non-student ne'er-do-wells who gravitate to college campuses (see the Haruka Weiser murder). I know this will sound crazy, but the mentally unstable, drug abusing or dealing, or otherwise criminal non-students are a bigger threat than the often top 8% students who are at UT in the first place because they care about having a successful future.

    In our current college culture (which occurs both at or away from a frat party), 18-20 year olds (men and women) who cannot buy alcohol get an older friend to get them a handle of Everclear (or Fireball). Usually the 18-20 year olds that know the least about alcohol drink an unsafe and unreasonable amount of Everclear before going to a party (fraternity or otherwise). When they get to said party, they drink a sip of an unopened natty light out of the case and, around that time, the buzz from the insane amount of Everclear they drank finally hits them. Having become drunk at unsafe levels, the Everclear drinking 18-20 year old men and women make bad decisions, sometimes involving consensual drunken sex with each other (although most end up passed out on a toilet). Later one or both parties becomes sober and regrets it. Most realize they should not chug a handle of Everclear, learn a life lesson and move on with their lives. Sometimes, however, some decide to claim that the dastardly party host or fraternity somehow drugged the previously unopened can of natty light they drank and that's what got them drunk... conveniently leaving out the handle of Everclear they drank when telling others their story. Since the kids that know the least about alcohol tend to be otherwise good kids, the parents (of both the guy and girl) believe their little angels and do not realize such angels are not being truthful in what all they drank. In the specific cases where an 18-20 year old guys and girls both got unreasonably drunk and willingly hooked up while drunk, what is needed for both parties is education on alcohol and not rape allegations.

    However, people live in their own realities with their own biases and are interested in their own crusades so the truth of the above will generally continue to be ignored.
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    Damn, look who left me here by myself for a year and then decided to show up.

    Haley 2024!!! Lol.
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    @Mr. Deez there is so much stupidity from the republicans and democrats at the federal level, I do not know why any sane people other than the partisans (who are not sane) bother to keep up with it anymore. I see people on the right claiming the virus is a hoax and people on the left who hate Trump at such batshit levels that they actually try to defend the WHO/China, and I am just like "I am out. Local is all that will matter once the partisans destroy this country anyway". The partisans live in their own realities, and there is no sense reasoning with them.

    I did return to say I am happy about Fenves being gone. The next president may not be any better, but at least with change there is hope.
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    Thanks Htown. I had a sense Fenves wasn't great. Powers was unethical too. Next probably will be too.
  6. Mr. Deez

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    I totally get your point. Just remember though - you may not be interested in the partisans, but the partisans are interested in you.

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