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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by SHS1984, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. SHS1984

    SHS1984 250+ Posts

    Does anyone know the sections the Texas tickets will be in for the UCLA game?
    I want to buy tickets near that area.

  2. SectionThree

    SectionThree 500+ Posts

    No I do not, but that stadium, as opposed to every other one, gives
    good seats no matter where you are. I always avoid the LHF tickets
    on away games, but this one should be fine.
  3. daytonhorn

    daytonhorn 500+ Posts

    A group of us Longhorns are in 13-L, Row 76.
  4. jhwutx

    jhwutx 100+ Posts

    Same section, row 67.
  5. fw_horn

    fw_horn 25+ Posts

    Same section, row 69 here.
  6. blym

    blym 250+ Posts

    My LHF tickets are in 12-H row 51
  7. Horny Ringman

    Horny Ringman 250+ Posts

    12-H row 17
  8. geezerhorn

    geezerhorn 1,000+ Posts

    Row 12

    Maybe they thought they better put the old guy near the field.
  9. kkirk33

    kkirk33 25+ Posts

    12H row 14
  10. MaxHorn

    MaxHorn 250+ Posts

    While I normally would sit in the UT section for a road game, I'm going to make an exception this time and be sure to sit down low next to the UCLA spirit squad:


    We played UCLA in hoops a few years ago at Pauley, and I had seats right on the baseline behind the basket. The spirit squad was directly in front of me the whole game. I don't remember a single play.
  11. SHS1984

    SHS1984 250+ Posts

    Good idea.
    It looks like sections 12 and 13 will be full of fellow 'Horns

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