UT Should be Embarrassed: 2016-2017 Attendance

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    The NCAA released the 2016-2017 attendance numbers yesterday and UT should be embarrassed. 25th in the country and 6th in the Big 12.
    Team - Overall Rank - Avg Attendance
    Iowa St. - 3 - 9,106
    Baylor - 10 - 5,934
    K State - 15 - 5,136
    Texas Tech - 18 - 4,449
    OU - 22 - 4,200
    UT - 25 - 3,813

    Full report:

    I know Austin has many more entertainment options compared to the other schools ranked ahead of Texas but it's still ridiculous. Texas WBB plays an aggressive, entertaining style of basketball, has great history and is more successful recently than any of the teams ranked higher except Baylor.

    The FEC is far from ideal when it comes to a home facility - maybe the new arena will help.
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    Because I finally figured out how to post images correctly, and I have some time on my hands, I looked at the last 10 years of basketball attendance from the site:

    I picked only 3 teams because I didn't feel like spending the day doing data entry.
    Here are the trends. Looks like Tech is, literally, the only game in town in Lubbock!
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    Hopefully, attendance to this year's games to WBB will improve. Do any of you guys have suggestions on how to improve attendance?

    I remember Mack Brown's first year coaching Texas football. Attendance to football games was abysmal (for football). He partnered with HEB to sell $5.00 end-zone tickets (I think it was 5 bucks---could have been more). Over the next 3 years, he was on his way to building a brand and selling out the stadium for each season.

    Although the FEZ will rarely be sold out for WBB, it would be great to average 5500-6000 per game. It would help if WBB were more popular with the students. Students seem to fully support Tx Volleyball. Is that due to the location of Gregory Gym or because VB is more exciting to watch?

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    They been trying aggressively to build "the Brand" with these ambassadors. One of my theories, which almost no one agrees with, is part of the problem is the Longhorn Network. For locals, if it's part of your cable bill, why then pay to watch in person, especially on a rainy, nasty night? When I suggest this, people get huffy and say that I'm wrong because they don't get the atmosphere and the excitement and the blah-blah-blah of being there in person.

    If you're a season ticket holder, then you've bought your tickets and that's that. If you're a person who thinks occasionally about going, then you have to consider what night it is, what the traffic conditions are, and then if it's worth it rather than just flipping on LHN, watching it, and then you're done. You're already at home.

    A co-worker last year suddenly started talking about WBB, out of the blue. Turns out, he was neighbors with Karen Aston. She bought a house two houses down from him and she would give him free tickets at the end court section, where Jody and the others sometimes sit. He had never gone to WBB games until then. He got excited and then purchased season tickets this year. Unfortunately, Karen sold the house and move to a downtown condo (I'm sure to make the commute easier) and so they are no longer neighbors.

    But, like me, this guy is in his 50's. Part of the problem is that the fan base is "aging out" and how do you build a younger fan base?
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    Nice job on the graph. Visually shows what I find most frustrating:
    2013 (Karen's first year) - Team loses 18 games and you see a drop off the following year (not a surprise). The team is now winning 25+ games and has regained national prominence but only incremental attendance growth - haven't even gotten back to Gail's final season number.
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    Here some of the business give out free tickets and its still about 3000-4000 fans show up. At least here when u buy the tickets for students tickets cost 3 dollars adults 5 and you can sit anywhere you want except the courtside tickets, a couple of years ago for the Womens NIT we sold out the arena for all the games played here , other than that people dont go to the womens games.
    Dont charge parking?i do have plans on going to the BU game!!
    I do like that after the game the players and Coaches take time to talk with the fans and give autographs.
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    Honestly, the non-conference home schedule has been pretty dreadful the last few years. Only Tennessee and South Carolina last year, and bunch of schools from bad conferences This coming season, UConn and Florida State and a bunch of schools from bad conferences.

    I actually think we may get 10,000 fans for UConn in January if we are undefeated or have only one loss.

    For me, the worst part of attending home games is the parking situation. Then, for week night games, it's tough spending more than an hour in traffic as I try to get to campus from my home in Cedar Park (just NW of Austin).

    Winning and good opponents are the key to improving attendance. It won't happen overnight. As the team strives to be a consistent Top 10 program, that will also keep the team in the news and hopefully attract new fans to the games.
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    I was reminded that part of the problem is the inconsistent marketing. Two years ago, on the last home game of the season, they had a table set up trying to get season ticket holders to re-up and trying to get new season ticket holders as well. They gave longhorn branded visors as the gimme gift. I asked them, "Why haven't you been doing this each home game for the last 2 or 3 weeks?! Why just the last game?" The very young marketing folks just kinda lamely shrugged their shoulders.

    Last year, the table wasn't even there!

    Sending out emails and hoping people suddenly get in the spirit and buy tickets isn't the way to go. Get those people who are coming by for the UConn, SC, OU, and Baylor games to think about signing up for season tickets WHILE THEY ARE THERE at the Erwin center.
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    I'd be curious to know the number of season ticket holders we have. Again, the non-conference schedule as a whole won't cause many folks to purchase season tickets.

    Traditionally, our conference home game against Baylor and OU are the biggest draws. Other than that, about 2 non-conference games stand out each season. Four games just aren't gonna lead a spike in season ticket sales.
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    For me traffic has been an issue the last few years. I live much closer to campus now, so hopefully I can make it to more games this year.
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    Austin's traffic issues are definitely a deterrent to week day games. However, I still don't understand why the student population is a no-show to games. The lethargic attitude of the students isn't isolated to WBB. In the past, UT students would show up to football games during the 2Q and they don't show up in mass to men's basketball. IMO WBB needs the added support of the students because they bring the energy and enthusiasm that can be lacking at the FEC.
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    Even when Texas was at its high point back in the late 80's and early 90's, the students did not turn out in noticeable numbers. There wasn't even a designated student section in the FEC; don't think there ever has been unless Karen has implemented one.

    When I was a student during those great years, Jody had powers like USC, Old Dominion, Western Kentucky, Tennessee, and Long Beach State (to name a few) coming to the FEC for non-conference games. Granted the SWC was a cakewalk until Arkansas and Tech started getting serious. In many ways, we scheduled like UConn does today (super strong non-conference with weak conference games).

    No offense, but I'm not gonna venture down to the FEC (fighting traffic and parking issues) to watch Texas play Texas A&M-CC and McNeese State. I will just watch on LHN.
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    There seemed to be quite a few more students that attended when I was there in the early 90s compared to today. I lived at 27th and Guadalupe most of my time at UT so it was a long walk to FEC. Students living near campus don't really have much of an excuse other than disinterest or laziness.

    I don't have to deal with the traffic daily and, while it was kind of a pain when I lived there 20+ years ago, I understand wanting to avoid it as much as possible now. I chose the hotel for my last and future trips because it's only 6-7 blocks from FEC so the walk isn't terrible.
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    May i ask what hotel? im looking for a hotel close to the FEC.
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  16. "Anna hook em"

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    Double Tree at Martin Luther King and I-35. Walk over I-35 at MLK or down to 15th, then under I-35.
    I've had volleyball season tickets for the past 5 years, and Gregory is frequently only about 2/3 full. But getting better.
    This is my first year for WBB season tickets...expecting big things.
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