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    The guard play and turnovers has reached the lowest I've seen this year. Roach's give up throw out bounds when the shot clock was running out late in the game was a dagger in the heart. It deflated our team, and boosted ISU which lead to two unanswered threes. Took us out of the game after the young horns had somehow fought back to make it close.

    The poor guard play/turnovers, low assists, not passing/too much dribbling into trouble was a sure fire recipe to lose in Hilton Arena. They played with energy and heart, but were no match for a poised, mature ISU.

    I hate to say it, but it just doesn't look like anyone on this roster has the skills/savvy to play the point at the level necessary to take the team to the top half of the B12 this year. KU, ksu, isu, bu, wvu, are very good. Playing well so far are tcu, osu, ttu. That leaves Texas and ou, and we are better than ou.

    We will have to step it up a notch to jump over tcu, osu, or ttu. It could happen, but its an uphill battle, imho.
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    Carry, that was hard to watch. The missed free throws were also key. Roach misses two and the long rebound leads to a three just before half.

    Roach, and the rest of the team, played their hearts out, Roach hit some difficult threes. The poor guard play, you have repeated it. and it is true. I will keep watching, but it's hard.
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    Turnovers, man. Turnovers. Even if you're going to go without a PG for a lot of sets, it's still possible to not give the ball away so much.
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    Where was Davis. I don't think he played much.
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    I thought this team was going to be exciting to watch this year. I agree, hard to watch. Hopefully we somehow can make a run in tourney :hookem:
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    I don't see how the team makes the tourney. And that is not what I thought I would be saying just a few weeks ago. But now, I don't know how we win enough B12 games to get in. I hope I am very wrong.
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    I meant the Big XII tourney. :smile1:
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    As sorry as the Horns have played on the road, they have been in both games. They must protect home court in the conference. They should be able to win a couple on the road. Hopefully that at least gives them a winning record and puts them in the NIT. But, I am still hoping for the NCAA tourney. You just never know. This may turn out to be one of the craziest years ever in the Big XII. In the end, I think West Virginia will come out on top.
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