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    All I can say is much better. I guess UAB lost their point guard (feel our pain)..but they seemed to have been a lot more solid than what it looked after the beat down the horns layer on them. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with conference right around the corner. I myself was encouraged after the Michigan loss and ft shooting shot them in the foot against Arky. Overall encouaging, but we shall see. I hate it that the Horns are so young down low, but looked solid tonight.
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    Good to see them hitting the open shots. Will they hit them against better defenses? We'll see, but if you can't hit threes against soft defenses you're sure not going to hit them in conference play. Really liked how Jones played at point.

    Keep it going!
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  3. SAMMCHornfan

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    Looks like Jones may be the answer at point. Had a few turnovers to start this game, but he has had a pretty good assist count the last two games.
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    Much better Texas.
    Keep Working.
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    I agree on point - looks like Jones may be our answer.

    Was the shooting percentage due to a week defense, especially from 3pt land or did they put something together. At least this game gives us something to look forward to. Also amazing - 12 for 12 on FTs!

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