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Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by BabHorn, Nov 8, 2017.

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    I thought we also had a player from Hawaii coming in as well.
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    2018 Recruits:
    MB - Asjia O'Neal (Southlake, TX)
    L/DS - Sydney Petersen (IA)
    S - Jhenna Gabriel (Honolulu, HI)

    Read more: http://volleytalk.proboards.com/thread/49844/texas-recruiting-thread?page=63#ixzz4xwLkX2oL

    I posted this same question on the volleytalk board. A response I got back was, "Well, they're probably walkons with no financial package. So no need for NLI"

    Maybe. My comment back was a friend of mine's daughter "signed" to play at UT-Dallas, which is D3 (no scholarship), but she got her "signing moment" in the gym with the rest of her school's athletes getting offers.

    I guess in the next few weeks, the texassports site might have a summation about those 3 or 2 or 1 joining the Horns officially.
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    Found this article:
    And the interesting part:

    Sydney has accepted a scholarship offer to attend returning NCAA finalist and current No. 1-ranked Texas.

    It's not always clear if liberos are actually offered financial scholarships or not. Defense folks, such as Hahn, Rounsaville, Gilbert are usually walkons...i.e. pay their own way but told they will make the team before coming to college.
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    Gabriel's signing ceremony in Hawaii. I'm guess she's actually a walk-on with no scholarship, but the schools and kids still like to participate in a ceremony...and why not?

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    Don't know much about her other than she is 6'1 out of Plano H.S. who played for Oregon State in 2016. Not sure where she was in 2017.

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    Well, we've had two departures from the team last month: Olivia Zelon and Natalie Gilbert. So...
    Need more back row players. But who knows, maybe she's good in the back.

    Looks like Cincinnati in 2017:

    Stats show she played 5 games freshman year at OSU, for 7 kills. And looks like she never made it onto the 2017 Bearcats roster. Odd.
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    Looks like she was listed as an OH, RS & DS in high school.
    Wonder where she will line up at with Texas?
    Video is from 2013 (Soph year?) where highlights are of her up front either at the OH or RS.
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    Nope. Looks like the initial tweet, not from her gave misleading hope/information. Here is from the VolleyTalk forum:

    This screenshot encompasses the whole story:
    (sorry if it's tiny - you'll need to blow it up)
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    Texas VB showed this on their Instagram feed, celebrating Sydney Yogi coming by during graduation day. But note the player to the right of Sydney:
    That would be the incoming libero Sydney Peterson from Iowa. What's weird? Technically she was still in school until yesterday 5/18. Her high school graduation is Sunday 5/20. But, she's already in Austin practicing with the team? I mean, she didn't just drive down for the day. Mmmmm, pondering.....what if she gets to join the team for their European trip and came down early?
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    I only recognize a few of those players and not at all Sydney Peterson nor Sydney Yogi. Some players, at least in other sports do come by for a day and go back to attend graduation. Doesn't mean Peterson isn't going to come back and go on that European trip. That's sounds like a nice way to spend the summer, play VB and see Europe.
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    Huge pickup on the RS for UT. Question is, what to do with Bedart-Ghani? Does Luketic come in as a backup this year? She should have little to no problem adjusting to the college game due to her National Team experience. And with White and Eggleston on the left side, and plenty of ammunition at MB, my gut says Bedart-Ghani gets the nod at RS still.

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