VB: Elite 8 - Texas Longhorns vs. USC Trojans

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by MikeUT00, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. MikeUT00

    MikeUT00 Guest

    Texas is ranked 3, and seeded 1. Southern California is ranked 5, and seeded 2. Should be a tough match. Though, if our Ladies play like they did in games 3 & 4 of last night, they should pull out another victory! This one is for the Final Four! Go for it, Ladies! Beat those Trojans! [​IMG]

    Match is on ESPNU at 3:00 p.m.. [​IMG]
  2. C.L. McLovin

    C.L. McLovin Guest

    D.V.R. S.e.t.

    Beat me to posting this, rat bastahd.
  3. overseasbbfan1

    overseasbbfan1 1,000+ Posts

    hard to believe after such a long...and exciting...season....but we're just three matches away from a national championship....and just one match away from the final four. i know we have to take care of busines vs usc first...but this team has really come together! let's get the trojans!!!!
  4. Mageeman

    Mageeman 100+ Posts

    One hour and ten minutes til game time. TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!
  5. DCLonghorn8

    DCLonghorn8 250+ Posts

    My high school football team on the InterTubes and the Horns on the TV...A good day.

    Go Horns!

  6. AustinTejasFan

    AustinTejasFan 1,000+ Posts

    TV in Austin on TW?
  7. CBDTexas

    CBDTexas 100+ Posts

  8. Phil Hellmuth

    Phil Hellmuth 100+ Posts

    come on Horns, rally!
  9. Lincoln

    Lincoln 100+ Posts

    Keep me updated of the score, I'm not able to watch it...

    Or does anyone know of a place online I could watch it, or just see a live scoreboard or something?
  10. Phil Hellmuth

    Phil Hellmuth 100+ Posts

    30-25 Trojans

    Come on Horns!
  11. OrangeRB

    OrangeRB 500+ Posts

    Let's go Ladies!!! Win this second game.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. recycle bin

    recycle bin 25+ Posts

    Trojans totally controlling the game. Horns look like they are a fraction off and at this level not good.
  13. recycle bin

    recycle bin 25+ Posts

    Going to have to rally big time.
  14. Phil Hellmuth

    Phil Hellmuth 100+ Posts

    We are getting worked!

    Come on Horns!
  15. kuzkuz

    kuzkuz < 25 Posts

    Elliot's getting handled by his mentor. SC has this at the pace they want.
  16. LonghorninAustin

    LonghorninAustin 1,000+ Posts

  17. recycle bin

    recycle bin 25+ Posts

    I haven't seen a set to Hooker in ages
  18. Phil Hellmuth

    Phil Hellmuth 100+ Posts

    koczur is opening a can of whoop-***
  19. recycle bin

    recycle bin 25+ Posts

    Down 2-0. Going to be tough to rally.
  20. Phil Hellmuth

    Phil Hellmuth 100+ Posts


    Help us Vince!
  21. LonghorninAustin

    LonghorninAustin 1,000+ Posts

    omg, once they get the early lead we play them almost point for point. Jesus. Help!
  22. Lincoln

    Lincoln 100+ Posts

    What the hell?

    Attack Errors by us all over the place...
  23. Diggerdive

    Diggerdive < 25 Posts

    Holy crap! Just tuned in to the end of game two, and completely shocked.

    Immediate feel: Defense is tight: find the relaxed aggressive zone; need to find some confidence there. Go to JF for some termination. THEY WILL DO THIS. Don't give up hope.
  24. TheGallopinGoose

    TheGallopinGoose 2,500+ Posts

    Different unis = rally time [​IMG]
  25. eflow24

    eflow24 1,000+ Posts

    How many games do they play?
  26. LonghorninAustin

    LonghorninAustin 1,000+ Posts

    Crap is right. haven't given up yet, but damn, it has been brutal and consistent. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  27. Diggerdive

    Diggerdive < 25 Posts

    you know what...i don't care about a tough serve at this point. just get the GD thing in and let defense work out the knots in the energy. We need some chances and the serving is killing us
  28. Diggerdive

    Diggerdive < 25 Posts

    i dont care about that roof on JF. JF is ready to kill and the only one showing signs of life (with pao maybe)..... get the ball to her.
  29. LonghorninAustin

    LonghorninAustin 1,000+ Posts

    18-17 was great. I know we can still do it, but damn, it looks sad. The team serving loses a point most times.
  30. Lincoln

    Lincoln 100+ Posts

    This is lame. I wish I could watch.

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