Vegas Odds-Week 1

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Badass, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. Badass

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  2. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Even though Texas is bringing back a ton of experience, I think the unknown of new staff and new QB I might take 16.5 points too. I'm guessing it levels out now.
  3. Run Pincher

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    One teams is bringing back the same staff, same system and basically the same team vs another that has a new staff, new system, new starters and the 1st game under all those. Wow, that seems like a lot.
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  4. Sangre Naranjada

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    Yeah, I would put money on LA at +16.5
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  5. SabreHorn

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    I "gar-on-tee" there are some coonasses that loaded up on the 16
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  6. NRHorn

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    UT covers.
    We will Nervous in 1st half, then UT pulls away.
    Here is a safer bet.
    30% will want to fire Flood
    20% will want to fire PK
    59% will want the QB who didn’t start.
    42.9% will be mad that we didn’t go for the 4th and 1
    And this will all be middle of the first quarter.

    Texas will be good.

    Guys they are not the Ula La from the past, but they squeaked by opponents Texas would have easily beat last year..
    But keep it up as we don’t want the players to get overconfident
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  7. RainH2burntO

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  8. ViperHorn

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    95% are stunned and confused when the Texas QB goes under center on 3rd and goal from the one.
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  9. SabreHorn

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    Is that allowed?

    What next? You're going to try to convince me that a 6'6" WR with a 40" vertical is allowed to run a fade on a 5'10" CB?

    Football just ain't what it used to be.
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  10. WorsterMan

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    I'm your Huckleberry.

    Not sure why, but I have a gut feeling this will not be Herman vs. MD in the first season opener.

    I believe the Horns will surprise in this opener. They might struggle some early on but will impose their will and win above the spread.

    Despite new HC & different O & D schemes, don't forget this is and will be the BEST team that ULL will play this fall. Ragin' Cajuns will face very hungry & skilled athletes they don't face in their conference.

    Add to this, the Ragin Cajuns have NO game film on Sark's TEXAS offense or defense!

    Horns have a bunch of game film on U-LALA from last season and plenty of time to prepare and scheme.

    BOOM MF !!! :headbang:
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  11. NRHorn

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    Or a slant when in man to man.
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  12. Run Pincher

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    You mean like Texas easily beat unranked Tech, TCU and WV last year?
  13. Badass

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    From my casino trip to Biloxi, I did get Texas at -9.5
  14. NRHorn

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    Dammit now I gotta flip back and forth on my iPhone
    No- but Bobby Booxheaux beat
    #91 GA st by 3 in OT,
    #96 GA Southern by 3
    Lost to Coastal Carolina by 3
    Beat #61 UAB by 4
    Beat #115 Texas St by 4
    Beat #101 ARK ST by 3
    Beat #49 App State by 3
    And in the bowl game UTSA by 4.
    UTSA ranked 102 at the end of the season .

    I’ll take #70Tech, #21TCU or those #31 ranked hillbillies over what I listed above.

    Look I have respect for them. I love thier coach, but this hype about how awesome they are is overblown. Are they good? Yes. Are they TCU, Tech, WV good … ahh no. They go 0-3.

    Could they beat UT? Yes. They clowned Iowa St coached by Adam Sandler. Anything’s possible. And I do like the caution here, play each game UT- one at a time.
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  15. Horns11

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    ULL lost their "thunder and lightning" RB combo of Mitchell and Ragas. They're kind of in the same place as us in terms of reinventing how they're going to move the ball, but they won't have that issue solved by 9/4. Even if we don't have it solved either, we can still out-talent them in a bunch of different ways.

    Their QB (Lewis) is in that same kind of mold as Kyler Murray, but from the clearance rack. If Coach K can get ANYTHING from the DL and LBs in Game 1, we're basically golden. But if it's like the Maryland games in 2017-18, and the defense doesn't just get assignments, then we're in for a lot of sweeps and RPO stuff.
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