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    Poker season is upon us, at least for those who are big into tournaments. The end of May into mid-July sees major series going on not just at the Rio (WSOP) but also Aria, Wynn, Venetian, Golden Nugget, Binions and Planet Hollywood.

    I dipped my toes into the WSOP waters last year, playing the 8-game mix plus some of the daily deepstack events at the Rio. I've also hit some of the Circuit events through the year, emphasizing those locations that have non-no limit hold'em events (ie. HORSE or Omaha 8/B).

    Trying to balance work and poker this month is a challenge, hence three trips across the three week window of time. The first was a flight last Wednesday that saw me return early Saturday morning. In the office today and tomorrow and then back to LAS tomorrow (Monday) night...staying until Friday morning. Since I turn 50 this year on the day cards go in the air for the WSOP Seniors event, I qualify and am going back out the following Thursday for what amounts to Seniors Week.

    Part of my early travel has been to play the locations spreading draw and events that are NOT no-limit hold'em. Not that I don't like NLHE, but I feel an obligation to play the draw and other events if they are spread or the various sites will be able to justify NOT holding them in the future.

    In the first three days, I posted a final table in an O8/B at the Venetian and a 13th place finish at the Nugget in the Triple Draw Mix event (A-5, 2-7 and badugi). The O8/B at PHo was horrid...dealers didn't even know the game and it was more than three minutes into the first level before I even got my first card. It was honestly the first time where I was happy to bust out early. I will probably forego any of their other events...comments on other forums have had many confirming that my experience with crappy dealers was not unique.

    The first two trips have me staying downtown...elected for the Four Queens on price and the lack of resort fees. My per-night is less than the resort fee charged at many of the Strip properties. On the third trip, I still have to figure out the first three nights, but the last two nights will be at the Aria (have never stayed there). Airfare was done with a series of one-way bookings, and were all amazingly reasonable, including one of the return flights for $29.

    Oh...and I must my travels to the sportsbook, I made money on the land thieves. WilliamHill (includes Four Queens and Binions) had lines on the WCWS (softball). I saw it too late to bet against aggy, but took the land thieves in a parlay against BailBonds and the over. Took the land thieves against Washington and the under. Both paid off. I've also got a ticket now for the win total for Texas football...Venetian had the over/under at 7.5 -I took the over. I am undecided on conference championship, although the top two picks in the book are the land thieves and then Texas.

    Anyone else traveling to LAS for poker this month? Or any other poker aficionados even if you don't travel?
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    Second trip done and in the books...blackjack and cash games bailed me out since I went oh-fer-three in tournament cashes.

    Back out Thursday night for Seniors week (each Series tends to have their Senior events around EDC weekend). Penthouse at Vdara for the first three nights and then over to the Aria for the final two nights of the trip.
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    I understood about half of what you wrote, but it sounds f'n fun. You ever have sponsors in the WSOP?
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    I have had percentages of a top-name that some would recognize that paid well for me in the past, but I don't try to sell percentages of myself. They were a PokerStars sponsored pro but PS wasn't paying their entries into the High Roller events ($100K buy-in), so they sold some of their action. Some of the reason I don't sell is that I don't have the lengthy tournament track record to justify doing so and some of it is that I prefer not to deal with the tax headaches that can come from the splits...and, if I keep it to myself, I can have more fun :)

    That being said...when next year rolls around, I would certainly not be averse to some HornFans sponsorship LOL!

    But yes, fun was had...more fun would have been had with another final table or two, but I'll be back ;) As long as I can basically break even, then it combines a vacation with one of the things I enjoy...obviously better than breaking even is a goal, but so is not coming home with little more than pocket lint.
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    Well, I'll take that as a maybe! When that time comes....
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