Vic gets well-deserved raise

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Born in ATX, Aug 20, 2022.

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    A 27.77% across-the-board increase on his base comp. effective immediately. Very nice! Vic's current deal was apparently going to pay 1.8 million this year with incremental increases to eventually get to 2.1 million in final contract year ('26-'27). Now, they're apparently taking him up to $2.3 million/yr. on his base salary effective immediately. Del Conte and admin. are not fu@^%ing around here folks and you've gotta love it!!! Really glad to see this for two reasons: (1). Unlike a lot of our past big-name hires (in Football and MBB), Vic has actually produced. Who would have thought 2 straight Elite 8's and a conf. tourney champ. this quickly? (2). Vic really handled the Gary Blair departure with class, respect (for his current employer and fan base) and loyalty that you seldom see from a coach anymore. All we heard this Spring from the damned Aggie twitterverse was how Vic was theirs for the taking. So we all just had to assume that maybe he was gone or that there would be your typical BS posturing in the media accompanied by a behind the scenes stickup of the athletic department. So when Vic told Kirk Bohls straight up that he had no plans to leave Texas (and did so even before our conference tournament), he put all of our minds at ease and we all got to breathe a sigh of relief. But we also thought to ourselves, "Hey Del Conte - you damned sure better pay that man". So here it is. Thank you CDC!!!

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    It is no-doubt a well-deserved raise based on two Elite 8 appearances, and a Big 12 tournament championship. Very well earned that's based on ACTUAL performance, and not just making the tourney (like Shaka) or winning a minor bowl game (like Tom Herman).

    I have such bad memories of head coaches (like Shaka Smart and Tom Herman) getting raises super early in their time at Texas, and then the bottom falling out quickly. Most of those also came with an extension, which it doesn't appear Vic's does (which is a bit strange).
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    Was watching the History of Title IX on LHN this morning. Donna Lopiano commented that Jody's 1st contract was between $18-20 K per yr. I know, big difference between 1975 dollars & 2022 dollars, but this really is huge. So glad to see women's sports figures being more fairly compensated. It's still not equal & may never be, but it is incrementally better.
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    From what I can find online, this keeps Vic in the same spot he already had in the top 5, but moves him into the exclusive 2 mill. club:
    1. Geno - $2.9 million
    2. Dawn - $2.7 million
    3. Darth Mulkey - $2,639,625
    4. Vic - $2,300,000
    5. Jeff Walz, Louisville, $1,525,000 million

    USA Today apparently put together a comprehensive database of WBB coaches pay, but I'm not a subscriber. Looks like there are only 11 coaches in the 7-figure club. If anyone is a subscriber, would be interesting to know what other P5 coaches are in the Top 25:

    Salaries for women's college basketball coaches are growing quickly
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    Coach Vic doing good

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    An interview with the NCAAAutumn Johnson.
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