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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, Mar 23, 2020.

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    With each new day my waning need for sport sinks lower to find an object for the affection.

    I am now down to reliving highlights in my mind of particular video football games I competed with friends in.
    That Atari battle against my cousin's boyfriend back in '86 is up there. He prevailed, but it was the first game I felt I was in and gave me hunger and confidence moving forward.

    I'll never forget the EA College football game where I was in the lead with 7 seconds to go and in scoring position. Instead of running out the clock, I went to a go-to favorite...screen rub some salt in the wound. It was picked and returned for a winning touchdown with 0's on the clock. Funny enough... Teams were LSU and UT.

    Great memories competing with a friend on Sega Joe Montana's Football.
    Techno on Nintendo was OK.
    Intellivision was my favorite.
    Introduction came on the Xs and Os scroll table version at the skating rink.
    What was that one...Playstation based I think...where you could practically kill each other...the violent one??
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    You're probably talking about NFL Blitz.

    For people who are super-serious about their video gaming, and are willing mess around with the settings on their old PS3 or XBox 360, there's still a small but powerful community of NCAA 14 editors at NCAA Football Forums & Message Board - Operation Sports Forums

    And I don't mean just rosters any longer... there are people who actually mod the entire game from uniforms, sound tracks of fight songs and chants, etc. A couple of dudes even figured out how to mod the game files to create a 4-team playoff at the end of the season. If you do an ebay or Craigslist search for the actual game, sometimes it runs like twice as much as retail (originally $59.99) for a 7-year-old game because people are so into this. And it's so hard to find working copies of the disc any more.

    The guy who updates Texas' roster most frequently is really on top of it. I haven't played in over a year or so, but it was really worth it to those who don't mind voiding the nonexistent warranty on a really old PS3 to play.
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    NFL Blitz....that's right
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    Once I loaded up the All-Madden team against my unwitting friends and pulled Zulu Dawn every down just running the punt block defense... nothing was ever the same or as enjoyable. :hookem:

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