Visitors and Visiting Band Seating

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    Dude should have checked around. Nearly EVERY big school has gone to putting opposing fans is the upper deck with maybe a few in lower deck endzone
    Texas gave LSU 3,000 tickets. It was up tp LSU to allot the tix.
    To be fair until this year LSU was one of a few schools that still put some visiting fans in the lower part but I think the rest of the $EC put visitors in upper deck
    Texas and LSU agreed on 3k tickets.
    Until maybe a year ago Big 12 did give 5 k to other schools. Not anymore.
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    The pettiest three moves in college football are:

    1. LSU grabbing a few waters from the UT bench early in the warmups to try to start a pre-game altercation.
    2. LSU repeatedly faking cramps and injuries to slow down UT's offense.
    3. Fat Ed sabotaging UT's camps in Louisiana (an act that backfired, in a way, by pissing off some La. HS coaches).
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    Construction in the SEZ reduced 4500-5000 seats. I think UT normally offers 4400 to the visiting team or has in years past and they can accept up to that amount.
    Will be a problem all season for home games
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    Just to be clear, Texas didn't "give" LSU anything. LSU paid for the band's and their traveling party's tickets. The coonass people class paid for their tickets.
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    Again I did not use the word give as in free.
    I do not think anyone on here misunderstood that.
    Each school "gives " visiting teams x number of tix. It is up to the visiting school to allot the tix, or return any unused tix which the home school can then sell.. The visiting team pays the home team for any tix sold.
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    6721, I am working off my phone today and did not see your reply.
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    Nobody ever gave a crap about the band seating until thousands of LSU fans got into furious moral outrage over it.
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    Except nearly every team in the $EC allots visitors similar seating
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    Put “some” fans? No, LSU since the 70’s when I went to my first game has always put MOST of the visiting fans in the lower SE corner, and south end zone. Visiting fans sitting anywhere else bought tickets on secondary market. The entire stadium is enclosed and LSU fans are above the visitors.
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    Well the rest of the Internet seems to think the azz beating that was dealt out was the best thing so far this season! BTW Sierra Fox Bravo, Logan and Lawrence are injured but whatever, Big 12 refs will prob flag Cosmi on at least 10/20 holds he had. Boomer Sooner!
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    Good lord! Were they able to see the game? Could they be heard by the team and fans? HELL, I could here them all the way where I live in Arizona. Didn't give rat's hind end if I could "see" them. I'm a Longhorn, I don't care about opposing fans or their bands. If they want to do the same to ours, so be it. Tit of Tat. Those folks been complaining since the game ended. Bands, tickets, no AC in the locker room. What are they, some kind of NCAA royalty or something. Coach O should have called about the damn AC, or maybe he did but maintenance couldn't understand him and hung up thinking it was some drunk making a prank call. Hello LSU! You Came, you saw, you conquered, so quit your bitchin' and focus on your next game. In short; shut the hell up, LSU!! You're acting like aggys! Be better than that, because you are.

    Ok...I'm done. Looking at Rice and how we need to obliterate them.
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    Whoever you are, you either did not watch the game or you are so f@&king stupid you didn’t comprehend what you were seeing.
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    I go with the second option.
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    Good grief. Last year the traveling contingent of the USC Trojan Band was placed in the exact same spot and I don't recall anyone crying or howling about it.

    All that matters to me is that starting last year CDC allowed the LHB to be seated in the east stands near the south endzone (close to the action!). In previous years it really bugged me that the visiting bands had better seats in the east stands (Section 31 or 32), while the LHB was stuck in Section 17, way back in the northeast corner, lower deck but still away from the field. It sucked getting blasted by the OSU Band or the Tech Band when we could hardly hear the LHB.
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    I recall CDC commenting on the change in visiting band seating that we were moving them up there because that is where our band is put when we visit other places. That's not always true because some stadiums don't have an upper deck, but you get the idea.
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    Anyone who writes "azz beating" is low is hard to take seriously.
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    What I do not get if it ED felt he had the better team and he did win why did all his fans and their ahole behavior create lying story?
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    Well, pointing to my who dat comments last night that I was lambasted for, it's a corrupt state with mostly stupid people. That statement is qualified by saying my parents and all my relatives are from there, as am I originally.
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    How about anyone who wants better seats pays for them or STFU including the band. If you can't afford the prime seats then take what's allocated. I couldn't afford the seats I wanted so I watched from my comfy leather couch. F the entitled ******* who think they should get great seats because they are XXX university!!!! Including air conditioning!!!!
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    That's what you're talkin' 'bout!
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    You know the difference in revenues between the two ticket placements has got to be in the hundreds of thousands for that game.

    3,000 tickets - lower endzone vs upper corner is about $110 per ticket...
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    It is an allotment to sell for the home team, not a gift, correct?
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    I have to quit using the word give.
    and IIRC each Big 12 school would ALLOT 5 k to visiting team
    but I think that has changed to 3k??
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    SEZ construction has reduced approx 5K seats and availibility for lower level seating could impact the number of visitor seats for the entire year
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