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  1. LagoHorn

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    First trip after the baseball game on Saturday. Food was ok, not great, mexican martini was ok, not great. Price for everything was a bit high.

    Ambiance was nice, but you can't eat that...
  2. CaptainEd

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    the puffy tacos are good.
  3. Ralphie

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    El Chile is a much better restaurant. Vivo has great ritas and a great place to take a group for a fun atmosphere. Puffy tacos are about all that's really good.
    Lots of hot chicks too.
  4. TXgrl222

    TXgrl222 25+ Posts

    I love the cucumber is just ok.
  5. unpaintedhuffhines

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    Agree with pretty much everything. Never really found it overpriced though. I always get the puffy tacos special.

    El Chile is a completely diff type of restaurant so hard to compare the two
  6. LagoHorn

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  7. jimmyjazz

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    An appetizer plate & 6 drinks was $100? Are you kidding me? What was the appetizer -- beluga caviar?
  8. unpaintedhuffhines

    unpaintedhuffhines 1,000+ Posts

    well, let's see, their dinner entrees are between $8.95 and $11.95 with one plate costing $14.95

    that's not what I would consider expensive

    their margaritas cost (within a dollar or so) what margs cost at Nuevo Leon or Maudies
  9. unpaintedhuffhines

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  10. TomTerrific

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    "puffy taco" can't be said enough, in my estimation.
  11. unpaintedhuffhines

    unpaintedhuffhines 1,000+ Posts


    and yes, I'm bored enough to add up what someones food cost

    puffy taco
  12. jbentley0813

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    $8.95 to $11.95 is relatively expensive for Mexican food. I agree with those that say it's "decent." Never tried El Chile.
  13. LagoHorn

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  14. unpaintedhuffhines

    unpaintedhuffhines 1,000+ Posts

    re-read your earlier post and see how it differs from what you just posted. Hopefully you didn't learn reading comprehension at UT
  15. jimmyjazz

    jimmyjazz 2,500+ Posts

    So it was an appetizer + 10 drinks, not an appetizer + 6 drinks? Big difference . . .
  16. GakFoo

    GakFoo 500+ Posts

    um yeah that looks like 3 apetizers and 9 drinks
  17. GhostOfTomJoad

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    I've always loved Vivo but then again I used to drive from Austin to Roger Diaz's family restaurant in Universal City called La Fiesta 2 - 3X a month. Menu's pretty much identical although LF isn't anywhere near as nice or trendy, and of course the prices are lower given UC is on the outskirts of SA.

    I've always loved their mashed brown rice & the vegetarian sauce on their enchilalads. I really like their roasted hot sauce but I've gotta admit they're pushing the limits w/ the garlic lately.

    Great deck, great decor, great location, & generally great (IMHO), healthy TexMex.
  18. Ralphie

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    First post
    5 drinks, 1 beer, 1 app

    Line-itemed post:
    3 apps
    7 drinks
    1 beer

    or depending on what two of those are:
    1 app
    9 drinks
    1 beer

    Hmmmm……You learn math at Lago Vista High?
  19. Statalyzer

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  20. j.e.s.-U.S.

    j.e.s.-U.S. 100+ Posts

    Well if I am gonna pay a higher price for drinks, then I would go with El Chile because the Chilango rules! Vivo is okay but nothing special to me.

    Also, I would put Mi Madres at the top of Puddle's list... if it's open at least. Much better priced and better food IMO but it def. lacks the environment the others have.
  21. LagoHorn

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  22. unpaintedhuffhines

    unpaintedhuffhines 1,000+ Posts

    jesus dude, can you read or add?

    you said you had 1 app and 6 drinks for over $100

    then you proceeded to list what you actually had which was 3 entrees, 2 apps and 6 drinks

    This thread is ridiculous, but you do realize you are not making any sense, correct? You are actually disproving your own point.
  23. TomTerrific

    TomTerrific 500+ Posts

    puffy tacos
  24. HornMafia

    HornMafia 100+ Posts

    I just wanted to say this is a great thread.
  25. l00p

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    Mi Madre's wil be opening a new venue next to the current location (in that house next door). It will be open late with a variety of fare and drink. The son of the family is a CIA graduate (as is his wife who tends to their son more than chef'ing) and will offer a few twists to the fare if need be.

    I am excited as the other venues close early and this will give people an alternative later in the night. He has been a chef in San Diego and despite tempting offers around the country he has chosen to come back to Austin to raise his family and help the family business out.

    They are waiting for a few permits to go through before the renovation of the new place. But be excited.
  26. Art Vandelay

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    [chevy chase]It was my understanding there would be no math.[/chevy chase]

    puffy taco
  27. 1990txgirl

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  28. unpaintedhuffhines

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  29. l00p

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    you said, puffy

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