Volleyball halftime eliminated?

Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by racerx5908, Sep 14, 2016.

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    This year, I noticed that after the second set they went straight to the third set instead of going to the halftime (between sets 2 and 3). I figured it must have been some sort of change to speed up the games in a tournament.

    Today, I attended the first non-tournament game and they went straight to the third set. I guess they got rid of the halftime? Or changed when the extended break occurred? Anyone got a link to that?

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    Good question. I have noticed that in all matches I have watched. No announcer has mentioned it.
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    At the A&M Point Texas, Coach Elliot mentioned that NCAA VB is only one using 10-minute half-time, and that Big 12 has gone to standard 3-minute break between sets 2 & 3. Said not enough time to make real changes, after spending 5 minutes with coaching staff conferring. Therefore, no real benefit to longer break.
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    Very difficult explaining to aggy with one syllable words and stick drawings!
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