Volleyball -- Salima leaving for PSU job

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Moooooo, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Her alma mater, Penn State, has an opening on their coaching staff. And, Texas has posted an opening for an Associate Head Coach (Salima's current title).

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    Would be a huge loss; but, Coach Elliott knows how to maintain an elite-level staff.

    It's official now that she's leaving:

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    I wish her luck. While it is a big loss, Jerritt will find someone just as good (if not better) to take over the role of associate head coach.

    The setting was a weakness for the team last year. Hopefully the new person can teach Chloe how to consistently set the ball high to the outside hitters. It is something Salima just couldn't do. I know they want to go to a faster offense next year and Chloe can do that very well, but the moon ball to Haley is a really good weapon to have.
  3. Bill in Sinton

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    I know we all wish her the best as she returns to her alma mater except when she plays us.

    Thank you Salima for all you did for us.
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    Huge loss for Texas [​IMG]

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