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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by LonghornGirlie, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. LonghornGirlie

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    I just put in this Thread Rating thingie. There is a link at the top of every thread. Vote for some good ones. Let me know if something screws up. Once a thread has 10 votes, its rating will appear on the thread list page.
  2. miguelito

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  3. MaximumBarnes

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    There should be a "zero stars" option labeled "Seen better threads on campus."
  4. Bacone Cap

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  5. LonghornGirlie

    LonghornGirlie 500+ Posts

    Its not that I'm all dead set against negativity, but I don't see any way to "mark" a thread negatively. Visual indicators draw attention. Why would we want to hilite a sucky thread?
  6. SuperHero

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    The two stars or whatever's under the number of posts look like a set of nuts. Is that what you really want LHG? [​IMG]
  7. LonghornGirlie

    LonghornGirlie 500+ Posts

    I hadn't really factored that. I suck at doing images, so if someone wants to make me a 6x6 and a 12x12 image to represent ratings, I'm happy to have the help.

    I also thought about having different wording on different boards. If y'all want to be creative about that, offer up suggestions.

    I'm thinking about the negative thing, but I still don't see the point of hiliting a bad thread.
  8. MilkmanDan

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    I was about to report that neither thread rating nor smilies were working in Firefox, and then I realized I had adblocked markup.js at somepoint.

    Problem solved. Voting commencing.
  9. Bacone Cap

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  10. LonghornGirlie

    LonghornGirlie 500+ Posts

    Cool. Any other message board features that you've seen other places that you really like?

    I'm not going to do the thread view thing because of the overhead, but I'm open to other suggestions.

    I'm a little bored at work and feel like playing around with the site.
  11. LonghornGirlie

    LonghornGirlie 500+ Posts

    I actually started on Cactus Cafe, but its pretty similar.

    This is the crowd that gets in to the site and how it works and y'all don't seem to have any problem expressing your opinion.

    Plus, most folks here don't feel the need to suck up to me, which you might be surprised to find is a good thing in my book.
  12. The Peoples Elbow

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    on this board, i wish there was a way to post your farts. like you start a thread called "smell this!" and when someone clicks on it, you can smell it. and then we could rate them with the new rating system, instead of just taking everybody's word for it like we do now.

    can you vote an infinite number of times to rate a thread?
  13. Bacone Cap

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  14. MilkmanDan

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  15. 007 373 5963

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  16. OrangeBlooded

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    instead of stars, use little longhorns and for the crappy threads use little sooner schooners
  17. miguelito

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  18. LonghornGirlie

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  19. Macanudo

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  20. LonghornGirlie

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    The rollover I can probably do. The ignore thing not on posts, but maybe on PMs.
  21. miguelito

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    I just voted on this one again.

    How come there aren't more threads with ratings yet? Are people just not voting? Damn apathetic kids these days.
    I don't know which threads to read.
  22. naes921

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  23. LonghornGirlie

    LonghornGirlie 500+ Posts

    I reduced the minimum number of votes from 10 to 5, so there are a couple of threads around the site that have enough votes. If voting gets more popular, I may move that number back up.
  24. I_Live_In_OK

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  25. tropheus

    tropheus 1,000+ Posts

    so if we pick classic does it automatically go there??
  26. LonghornGirlie

    LonghornGirlie 500+ Posts

    Not at this point. I may make a change that threads with a high enough rating are saved off in some archive.

    The aggy squeeze thread is set to go to Classics, in case you are wondering.
  27. tropheus

    tropheus 1,000+ Posts

    yep, that was the thread that got me asking... still a mind blowing [​IMG]

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