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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by horn by commitee, Aug 6, 2022.

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    Live in the panhandle. Haven't missed a Longhorn game in Lubbock in years. Have sit near the Longhorn Band last few times but want better seats.DO NOT want to sit where it's mainly Tech fans (Tech fans are awful).Trying to find tickets (2)in a good section (Stubhub or wherever) where there will be plenty of Longhorn fans! Anyone know what section that might be?? ....Will entertain any thoughts! Thx in advance . HOOK 'EM
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    I lived on the Llano Estacado 38 yrs, 18 in Lubbuttock. You have my sincere empathy. Saying tceh fans are "awful", you are being WAY too kind.

    I always sat in the best seats I could get. When the tceh fans started leaving mid 3rd - early 4th qtr, I'd get very loud & invite them to stick around to sing "The Eyes" with us.

    Hard being a Longhorn in that area (I finally escaped 25 yrs ago). Good luck, God speed & Hook 'Em.
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    Low IQ fan base . They've invented a faux rivalry with Texas that only exists in their little brains.

    Worst fans. Juvenile behavior sprinkled with a dash of ghetto and trailer trash.

    (Boy, I better hit the confessional this morning)
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    Truth is not something that should have to be confessed.

    Perhaps the manner of expressing said truth is another matter though.
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    I lived in Lubbock for several years back in the 70s and then in Amarillo for a few years and went to a lot of Tech games. At first I couldn't understand the animosity towards my Horns but after a while it made sense. They have a bit of an inferiority complex (dono where that came from) and they feel ignored and they don't like the way everybody sneers at the aesthetics of the area. The campus is really nice, but the town sits in the middle of the world's greatest cotton patch and so it gets a little dusty at times. And it is ringed with feedlots and so it smells like money to a country boy like me but smells like **** to the city folks.

    Anyway, after a while going to the games where UT was not playing, I got to where I loved the Tech fans. Especially when they played the Aggies. They have a great sense of humor and are the most knowledgeable fans I have seen. (as opposed to ours, who are unbelievably ignorant about the nuances of the game) I heard them boo their own team a few times when they were not making a sufficient effort. There is a great story about when Tuna was the defensive coordinator and the team was greeted by boos in their lack of effort against A&M. Afterwards, Parcells told them the fans were booing the coaches for not preparing them properly and that he apologized and would not let it happen again. They did tackling drills for a week. I did not see them miss many tackles in the final few games.
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    Hmmm...similar experience...very different perception. I'll just leave it at that.

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