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    I am going all blue paint and **** on this one...

    The Link

    Get this guy on the 40, Mack.

    Make. It. Happen.
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    That is amazing. He throws the ball over the line of scrimmage and then people catch it. They actually take possesion of the ball as it hurtles through the air and maintian physical control of the ball. We should copy that technique. That and the other thing called not dropping the ball on the ground when people are running while holding the ball... yeah that is some advanced coaching right there...
  3. 2003TexasGrad

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    Check out the dance moves at the end of that too. Skillz.
  4. brint

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    Every time they score and they have the lion roaring sound... it sounds like a toilet flushing.
  5. Bill in Sinton

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    And don't forget vculou the outstanding blocking by that offensive line.
  6. caryhorn

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    The #11 receiver has some smooth moves. I'd like to see him catching it for the horns.
  7. Third Coast

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    The guy has size and a good arm, finds his receivers, puts the ball where it needs to be and is pretty mobile. Looks good to me regardless of the level of competition.
  8. ViperHorn

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    Rewatch the vid and watch his eyes. He has a tendance to lock onto his receivers very early. That is exactly what got GG into trouble.
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    "Where Wallace at?"

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    Looks like we're making our move on him. Great article linked below. Harsin was in touch last week before the bowl game and they're working on finalizing visit details.

    Wallas to visit

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I mean ummmm.... [​IMG]
  15. Texdoc

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    HOOK 'EM,
    Texdoc [​IMG]
  16. Third Coast

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    I take back everything I said about our coaching staff. Well, almost everything. [​IMG]
  17. Burnt Orangeman

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    Will flames shoot out of his arse to scorch the OU bench?
  18. Bayerithe

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    That move by #11 Bester against the DB is ridiculous
  19. Trusted Insider

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    It's like Mack's decided to just say eff it and let's win NOW. The entire attitude of the program has shifted from entitlement and complacency to desire, determination and tenacity it seems. All of a sudden, we could be REALLY good next year...
  20. Alex_de_Large

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    I honestly don't think this one is Mack's call. I think Harsin is overriding him in order to get some fresh blood in there immediately while Brad McCoy has been calling every other Division I school.

    I vastly prefer this option over everything else that has been presented on the interwebs. While I love Connor Brewer, he sure doesn't look as good as Wallace in their videos. And all of those hopes resting on Karam or Katz from Oregon State were pipe dreams at best, especially considering that I never saw anything special from either guy.

    I hate to say it, but Wallace could be our version of Heupel. Except with more moves and a better arm.
  22. WestGAHorn

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    When's the last time we had a RS Frosh QB that we didn't have to talk about him beefing up too much?


  23. I35

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    Also this can only help with our chances of getting WR DGB to sign with us. Having this much talent on our roster already and then getting an experienced QB that will come in and make an instant impact in the passing game has to make DGB think how good of a situation he is in. This will also give our young QB's a chance to grow as well. This is all the wat around a great thing if it happens.

    Does anybody know how Wallace's leadership skills is? That's been lacking a lot on the offensive side of the ball lately.
  24. I35

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    "I'm just a competitor. Going back to high school, I've been lucky enough to win a lot of games," Wallace said. "I consider myself a winner. We had good stats this year but it wasn't' about the numbers. It was about winning games and winning championship, and that's what I plan to do wherever I go."

    About the Longhorns, Wallace said there's a lot to like.

    "It's Texas. It's one of the biggest programs in college football," Wallace said. "Growing up, watching Colt, VY (Vince Young), even back to Simms, I've always watched Texas when they're on TV. I like they're whole program."

    What more has to be said?
  25. 2003TexasGrad

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    "I like they're whole program"

    Nice editing job there [​IMG]

    He looks like a shaggy Tim Tebow in that picture.
  26. South Austin

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    I'm not sold on Wallace as the starter next year (nor did Ash blow me away in the Holiday Bowl), but I do like the move in bringing in another competitor for a QB spot that desparately needs an upgrade. Either Wallace beats out Ash for the starting spot, or Ash plays well enough to be the starter and Wallace is a solid backup and insurance in case of an injury or transfer.

    The bottom line is that with our excellent defense and stable of quality running backs, solid, and not necessarily spectacular, QB play is the difference between 10 or more wins and contention for the Big XII title or another 7-8 win season in 2012.
  27. Trusted Insider

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    We need guys like you to temper some of our excitement and expectations, South Austin [​IMG] but I can't see why we would bother with him if we weren't pretty sure he could step right in and elevate (probably significantly) our QB position.
  28. WestGAHorn

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  29. rivet

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    Wallace is more than welcome, as I see it.

    Shades of Davy Crockett.
  30. ViperHorn

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    Bringing him in would at least open an option of a RS for Brewer. With a defense equal to any in the nation and that coach probably moving on for 2013, the current coaching staff cannot afford the luxury of starting another true freshman QB.

    With Wallace, Brewer would be at least 4th man standing (Wallace, Ash, Overstreet, Brewer) and probably would survive the season as a RS. If McCoy stays that would push Brewer down to 5th. Hopefully once Colt's head clears he can talk daddy down. Being a back-up at Texas is probably better than starting at some FCS or D-II school for someone like Case who has no NFL future.

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