We are going to need Universal Health care

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Hornin Hong Kong, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Hornin Hong Kong

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    after seeing the people at the Port Charlotte Florida mall.

    That, or there will be 350 lb decomposing corpses stuck in trailers all over the country
  2. l00p

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    No, we need shock collars, a restriction on all you can eat buffets as well as a monitor at the grocery store to see what you are buying in mass quantity. A quarantine of people violating these guidelines as well as failing their physicals by large margins would be in order.

    The horror you must have gone through at that mall, ugh. I know that when I came back from fantastic and glorious Hong of Kong I actually muttered the words, "Holy crap, we are FAT" louder than I meant to. I was in Norfolk and damn it was unsightly.

    I thought many times over there how thin they were in general. It was an eye opener for sure. I cannot imagine a mall. I go them so little.
  3. Hornin Hong Kong

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    i went to the concessions stand and we got the smallest popcorn we could get and the smallest drink and they were the biggest you can get in hong kong.

    This giant 220 lbdr in front of me got a large popcorn (2 gallons) and a large soda (40 oz?) and a hot dog.

    She had an *** the size of Oklahoma.
  4. l00p

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    They allow Donkeys into theaters down there?
  5. MaduroUTMB

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    Swine flu is laughable. Hell, the Spanish flu was laughable. We are our own epidemic, and we DO NOT CARE.
  6. Hornin Hong Kong

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    It's really scary after living outside of the US for a few years. I am 20 lbs lighter than when I lived in NYC.

    I forced it off in 41 days 2 years ago and have no issues since but if i lived here i would be a lot heavier simply due to the portions and cheap availability of tasty (bad for you) food.
  7. HornBud

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    Yup, and people think this **** is cute:


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